The 7 pitfalls of personalisation


Personalisation revolves around adapting the user experience based on the user segment. But setting up a good personalisation strategy is not as straightforward as it seems. We’ll show you 7 pitfalls of personalisation and how to avoid them in this whitepaper.

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A strong personalisation strategy relies on different techniques that analyse a visitor’s behaviour and personalise the user experience based on that information. This allows you to optimise the entire customer journey for different segments and offer the best possible experience for every user at all times.

In this white paper:

  • What you can do with personalisation

  • The 7 pitfalls of personalisation

  • How to tackle personalisation – the right way

New knowledge opening new doors to success

Personalisation is an ongoing process that requires constant optimisation. It could be the final optimisation step of your online marketing strategy. If you consider the pitfalls, that is.

Eddy Boeve
About the author
Eddy Boeve
Senior Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist - iO

Eddy’s entrepreneurial history has taught him a valuable lesson: always side with the user. Every day, he lives up to his creed by acting as the user’s advocate in terms of CRO, UX and – most of all – in reaching emotions through tech.

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