How do you add a podcast to your media mix?

28 November 2023

Is a podcast one of the content assets in your campaign? It's easy. Exploit the podcast’s special qualities: a chance to go deeper.

How do you add a podcast to your media mix

Brands and agencies use content to fight for every last second of their target group’s time and attention. In order to reach a target group, a brand has to think carefully about which content and which channels they access their target group. Of course, a cool video with a smart campaign and online distribution can still be a winning strategy. Or brand publishing, a brand claiming and dominating a domain, is also still a practical and sustainable construct.

But, reaching a target group while they are in the car, on the train or on the bike. Or exercising, cooking, ironing, walking, gardening or just chilling. In all these moments, there is really only one medium that can connect with this 'mobile consumer': podcasts, or audio-on-demand. With a podcast, your target audience can let their imagination run free. And audio demands your attention, so you get more of your target audience’s time, compared to other media. 20 to 30 minutes per episode? Try to get that on YouTube or social media.

That's the power of podcasts. And that is precisely why you could also use audio as an asset in a cross media campaign. Or find a rewarding cross-pollination by connecting a video, a book, or a podcast.

Case: The Guide for ABN AMRO

For example, we devised a campaign for ABN AMRO to stimulate female entrepreneurship. Necessary, because research shows that women experience more barriers than men when it comes to starting and scaling up their business. The Guide had to share inspiring stories from entrepreneurs and experts from within the bank. Emotion, risk awareness and social impact are central to this. 

The campaign revolved around a documentary for RTLZ and Videoland that followed six female entrepreneurs. From this, shorter videos were placed online to promote the campaign. There was also campaign page, with expert articles and an e-book download. But six female entrepreneurs in a 45-minute documentary forces you to look critically at what you do and don't use from the hours of material. 

But that doesn't really let you get to know the entrepreneurs. That’s why we recorded a podcast. Open and honest conversations, unpacking the themes touched on in the video with the entrepreneurs. And the nice thing was that we also took the opportunity to add the voices of other enterprising women to the series. 

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