Knab, a completely online bank and sustainable innovation

There are many banks and financial institutions in the Netherlands, but that did not prevent Knab from launching a new online bank in 2012. A bank where the customer comes first. To build this new online bank, iO was involved from the concept and design stage to the construction and management. A large, ambitious and complex project in which we have worked closely with partners including Five Degrees, Figlo, Sopra Banking Software and Cegeka.

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the first fully online bank

Knab wanted to set up a new bank where the customer was in charge. The bank had to be completely online: with everything controlled via the internet and the mobile Knab app. Knab welcomes private and businesses customers, (freelancers and small businesses). It was essential that the customer could get a complete overview of their financial situation using the internet and the app.

Knab did not want to stand still after the launch in 2012. That's why in September 2014 the bank presented Knab Social: pay via Facebook or through your mobile phone number. Knab developed a completely new app to add new features such as an ATM finder and verification with fingerprint along with extensive personalization. To stimulate sustainable innovation, We are you provided three design sprints in 2018.

a uniform cross-channel experience

Knab has worked with We are you from the start (previously under the name of Virtual Affairs). The software company started with the website development. Then followed a secure My-environment and apps for the smartphone and tablet. Design, performance and functionality are united in all these products. This doesn't just ensure a uniform appearance, but also an optimal user experience on all platforms. We are you developed new software developed to offer an optimal user experience for Knab social.

The online environment includes a (video) chat function and a complete digital archive. The user interface is also innovative, intuitive and visually designed for online and mobile banking. A clear dashboard with illustrative graphics gives the customer a complete and quick insight into their financial status. In short, the functionalities of Sitecore DMS and Microsoft technology have led to a scalable, flexible and secure system. By rebuilding the app, Knab can quickly switch to the needs of the customer by adding new features at a rapid pace. In the past, implementations could take months, now it's as little as only a few weeks.

smart re-use of code and a strong team

The architecture of the new app is built on BankingRight. That is an established, standardized product range within We are you that distinguishes itself from many customized banking apps. "At Knab software development is almost always outsourced, but I think outsourcing is actually a bad word", says Kalse. "When I look at the people of We are you, they are here with us; they are so 'verKnabt', that I just see them as my colleagues. They are here, at the office every day and we regularly travel to Sofia (Bulgaria), where an important part of the software is developed."

One of the ways we helped Knab in their digital innovation was by facilitating three Design Sprints. A Design Sprint is a four-day process for the purpose of answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing. Work is carried out in four days that could otherwise take months.

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