LUON, your expert in customer relationship marketing, is now called iO.


To help your organisation advance even further and reach greater heights, LUON is joining iO. Now, we can tackle your challenges from A to Z — online and offline.

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LUON and iO, firing on all cylinders

By joining iO, we have dramatically increased our strength and effectiveness. We can tackle more of your challenges today than ever before, and we are thrilled to advance your business together. Let’s look at how iO can help you.

Explore new horizons

Why LUON and iO are becoming one

At LUON Mechelen, we have been building strong relationships between brands and customers since 1993. Now, come hell or high water, we will continue to elevate your brand story — backed by the firepower of our new iO colleagues.

A partnership that makes sparks fly

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Don’t say LUON, say iO. We’re still a digital marketing agency, but we’re also much, much more than that. At iO, we have everything we need to give you and your organisation total peace of mind. We’re an end-to-end partner, if you will. A one-stop-shop. A full-service digital agency. Whatever words you use to describe iO, we’re here for you.

Our new colleagues are experts in marketing, technology, strategy, content, and creation. A whole world of expertise, just for you.

The best part? You still get the expertise and service you’re used to from LUON. But now, you get more, better, and faster. You’ve earned it.

“Either you choose a specialisation and a niche, or you choose a full-service agency. We opt for the latter.”

Onno Hesselink iO

Onno Hesselink, Creative Director LUON

We are where you are

Or find us on a campus near you

  • With campuses in Belgium, the Netherlands, and beyond, our colleagues are never far away.

  • No matter how large or complex your challenge is, we can call on experts within iO to help solve it.

Luon iO

The brains behind LUON

Bas Jespers
Clients & Strategy Director LUON, Managing Director Campus Antwerp iO

Onno Hesselink
Creative Director LUON & iO

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