Burst Digital Agency becomes iO.

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In order to strengthen your digital growth, Burst transferred to iO. Your expert in technology and digital transformation now becomes a true end-to-end partner for you, both online and offline.

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Our services and solutions

As iO, we are expanding our capabilities : infinite opportunities, literally and figuratively. Nevertheless, 'our' experts remain as ever, especially in these areas:

We are getting bigger, but we stay close

As an end-to-end partner, we now have more than 1,500 experts who can take care of everything, from idea to distribution. But we still give your story our full attention.

Explore new horizons

Why is Burst transforming to iO

Under the wings of iO, our services broaden and deepen. In other words: you already knew Burst as the digital expert, now a lot of expertise is added in the form of iO colleagues in all possible disciplines. That means that from now on, you can also count on us for branding and content strategy, for example.

A logical next step for us, and for you

How our transfer to iO makes you happy

What will change for you? Almost nothing. You'll continue to work with your trusted Burst experts. The same way you always have.

And now you'll have access to a full end-to-end service. Our new iO colleagues complement the expertise you've come to expect from us with their experience in marketing, technology, content and creation, and strategy.

We’re staying around. Our office in the city center has been transformed into the iO Campus Rotterdam. Come and visit us!

"Marketing, technology and data are increasingly coming together to help organisations with digital transformation. An end-to-end partner like iO is very valuable in such a landscape."

Hans Maltha | iO

Hans Maltha, CEO and founder Burst

The name Burst changes, our address doesn’t

or come along for a coffee on our campus

Burst was known in Rotterdam as a leader in digital strategy. By linking our talents to those of iO, you can now also call upon experts in marketing, content and creation, and technology.

Our address remains the same, but on our business card Burst Rotterdam is renamed iO Campus Rotterdam.

New team, same Burst experts

Hans Maltha
Founder and CEO Burst

Thomas Dekker
Client Partner

Jeroen van den Berg

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