Online brand evolution: A new digital experience for Semper customers

The world of FMCG moves fast. While food is very much a product of the physical world, modern consumers who are passionate about quality and nutrition expect brands to have a digital presence that helps them feel secure in their choice.

As one of the most trusted food brands in the Nordic countries, Semper wanted to meet and exceed those expectations. So, together with Burst, they created a new online space to show discerning customers that they are in good hands.

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Propositions perfected

At the heart of the project are Semper’s core brand propositions: High-quality gluten-free food, healthy food for babies and toddlers, and nutritional advice for health centers and baby consultants. But, in a world of fierce competition, they need to go the extra mile to ensure that those messages engage the target market and are presented in the best possible way.

With their propositions in mind, a holistic evolution of their brand was actioned. Together with changing up their packaging design, a new website was greenlit to support their brand and retain their market share in a crowded and critical space. And that’s where Burst came in.

The right blend of ingredients

We began by carrying out extensive research and data analytics on the current platform to understand more about what was working, and what needed improvement. Then, through a detailed design sprint that combined insights, client requirements and branding, a fresh User Experience and Visual Design was created.

Together with attractive aesthetics and intuitive navigation, the new experience included a new focus on recipes and gluten-free content – for which custom modules and functionality were created on top of a headless Content Management solution. Everything was formulated with the end-user in mind, with modern design and content to ensure that Semper’s brand propositions were elegantly weaved through it all.

“ We are very happy that our webpages have got a new fresh design, better performance and gives better access from mobile devices now!”

Johanna Kjellser, Web & content communication manager, Semper

Winning today, ready for tomorrow

The new website is now live in Sweden and Finland and is already getting a lot of positive response. Norway and Denmark will follow. By working closely together, Burst and Semper have successfully created a digital solution that encompasses everything they want to convey to their target market.

But, the work doesn’t end there. The market is always changing, and Semper will be there to keep pace and provide what’s needed. A roadmap of next steps is already in place, and based on user research and other success metrics, Burst and Semper can continue to iterate and evolve alongside the needs of their valued customers.

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