Turning the knobs on UI, UX and design

To take its services to the next level, music streaming service Tunify wanted to further improve its platform’s user interface and user experience, as well as revamp its design. So the people of Tunify came to us at iO. And the changes and solutions we came up with, were like music to their ears.
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Improve UX, UI and platform design


UX design, UI design and visual design

About Tunify

Tunify is a music streaming service made for business use only. The service offers companies tools to create unique music experiences tailored to their concepts, customers and employees. using a single platform. Using the tools, companies can choose music, as well as schedule and play audio spots.

Workshops to make it work

The initial stages of our partnership with Tunify consisted of many workshops, during which we analysed design and UI challenges and performed a UX audit. The workshops gave us crucial insights into what the most important working points and gaps were in relation to the UI, UX and design of the current Tunify-platform.

In the end, we decided on tackling the main dashboard, the purchase flow of subscriptions and the design system, all without making any major structural changes.

Dashboard design overhaul

The first thing we pulled out our instruments for, was recomposing the main dashboard of the Tunify-platform. In its old state, navigating the dashboard was rather difficult, as the dashboard design was packed with elements, without having the necessary contrast to clearly discern said elements. Additionally there was not enough consistency in the design and the use of color.

Therefore, we revamped the entire dashboard design using a well-thought out color palette to create both a visually appealing and more user-friendly dashboard that is now easier to navigate.

Clear subscription purchase flow

When it came to the purchase flow of the subscriptions, there was no clear separation between the various stages of the flow and filtering and overlays were often misused. This meant that businesses were often hindered in finalising their purchases.

To better guide businesses through the purchase process, we fine tuned the flow to create a clear overview of every stage. This way, businesses always know exactly where in the purchase flow they are, which better facilitates them in finalising their purchase.

Easy-to-use and future-proof design system

For the coda of our Tunify-composition, we implemented a new component based design system. This system offers Tunify a fully scalable modular design with different building blocks, allowing the music streaming service to easily and efficiently make changes and adjustments to its platform. This way, Tunify enjoys scalability, consistency and quickness with regards to future development. Music for businesses never looked so good.

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