How do you help shipping services centralise their customer queries?

The world of logistics and parcel shipping is becoming increasingly intensive and complex as a result of the explosive growth in e-commerce. DHL Parcel used to have various tools for webshops and companies that send many packages. The organisation came to iO to integrate these tools into one user-friendly shipping service. My DHL Parcel enables business senders to ship large numbers of packages and pallets in a simple and intuitive way.
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About DHL Parcel

DHL is one of the leading logistics companies in the world, with an unrivalled portfolio of logistics solutions via road, air, and rail. DHL Parcel is a subsidiary of DHL and the parcel and pallet delivery service of the Benelux.

The question

Due to the increasing complexity and speed in the logistics sector, it is becoming more difficult for delivery services to maintain an overview and centralise customer queries. The many functionalities on the back-end sometimes make it difficult for the customer to find the right tooling.

Therefore, DHL asked iO's experts to integrate their various tools into one elegant, user-friendly solution. This tool would simplify the tasks in the application, optimise the user flow and minimise the number of key screens.

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The solution

We developed My DHL Parcel — a system that selects the right DHL shipping service for the customer and takes care of the invoicing. This allows users to create, process and track large volumes of shipments in a quick, easy, and intuitive way.

My DHL Parcel offers plenty of possibilities:

  • Configure the entire shipment in a few clicks;

  • The correct product is automatically linked to a shipment;

  • Select additional services directly (delivery locations, insurances);

  • Prepare multiple shipments simultaneously;

  • Print labels;

  • Schedule pick-ups;

  • Address book management;

  • Setting up account structures and multi-level organisation structures;

  • Giving user feedback (Usabilla);

  • Track & Trace;

  • Extensive reporting possibilities;

  • Personalised settings.

In comparison, the old tool had four screens to create a parcel. In My DHL Parcel, the entire shipping process is contained on one page, which makes it much quicker for users to book a shipment.

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The result

The use of My DHL Parcel has grown dramatically compared to the previous tooling: within 12 months of launch, 37% of the total shipment volume was being sent via My DHL Parcel. The platform processes more than 75,000 shipments every week, booked by over 6,000 active users.

This high-quality digital service has made and will continue to make DHL Parcel a leader in the industry — in terms of customer centricity, a high level of self-service, and the technology used. My DHL Parcel is a Single Page Application developed with the latest technology.

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