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Tomatoes. We see them every time we go to the supermarket, yet we rarely think about them. Even though the production of the red gold demands a lot of knowledge, experience, and innovation from the specialists. That's the story that Looye Kwekers wanted to tell with their new website.
Looye tomaten


Looye Kwekers


A renewed corporate website


A website with a comprehensive content strategy (incl. 360° videos of the production process)

About Looye Kwekers

Looye Kwekers is a Dutch tomato grower. With the brands Looye Honeytomatoes and Looye JOYN, the company grows delicious tomato varieties in harmony with nature. Looye focuses on the long term and has an unbridled commitment to consistently improve both the quality and taste of their tomatoes. Looye Kwekers has been working with iO since 2018.


The question

In 2018, Looye Kwekers came to iO with a simple question: "Can you build a new website for us?"

The tomato growers didn't know exactly what the new website was supposed to do at the time — and that's not surprising. After discussions with our experts, Looye decided to develop the new website as an extension of their existing brand story. A kind of digital shop window, to display Looye Kwekers products and their growing process.

In the tomato sector e-commerce is less important, sales are dominated by the wholesalers, whether that’s in sales departments or in supermarkets. That gave our experts a lot of freedom: after all, the biggest focus of the website was not on conversions, but on the intriguing story behind the brand.


The solution

Looye tomatoes are more expensive than other tomatoes. To help the consumer to buy in, they should be able to understand why Looye tomatoes are more expensive.

Our assignment was to explain what makes Looye tomatoes so special.

For this we thought the new website as being similar to a high-quality coffee table book. A luxurious volume to tell the story behind Looye's tomatoes in detail. The chapters of this coffee table book formed the framework of our navigation concept for the website, with three main sections:

  • Growers (information about the team, the greenhouses, and the company’s mission and vision).

  • Looye Honeytomatoes (information about the character, growth, and taste experience of the Honeytomatoes).

  • Looye JOYN tomatoes (information about the character, growth, and taste experience of JOYN tomatoes).

The website is also home to practical information about Looye, such as points of sale, contact details, and recipes. The website serves multiple purposes, it’s not just useful for end users, but also makes a significant contribution to Looye brand awareness and their SEO value.

Through a strategic process (including persona workshops), iO has successfully translated Looye Kwekers brand values — stylish, tasteful, and meaningful — into an immersive digital experience.


The result

Looye Kwekers came to us with a simple, functional question. By taking a step back and looking for the question behind the question, in collaboration with Looye Kwekers, we were able to develop an extensive content strategy that became a website that embodies the brand values of Looye Kwekers.

Drupal: user-friendly content management

And for the technological side of the story, it was an easy decision to use Drupal — it's a fast and modular platform that's easy to use, and iO has the largest Drupal team in the Benelux.


In order to communicate Looye's brand story clearly to the outside world, the website needed strong, engaging content. Our content experts provided exclusive photography, stimulating copy, and an intriguing total experience in the form of 360° videos of the Looye Kwekers greenhouses.

Thanks to the new website, Looye Kwekers has a digital business card and powerful online brand experience that aligns with their brand philosophy.

So, the answer the original question is yes, we can build a new website for you. But it might just be that you get something that is so much more than that.

Does your organisation need a new website?

Talk to our experts, they will help you explore the possibilities — and guide you every step of the way.

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