How do you make financial information more accessible to parents?

KidsLife is a child benefit fund that provides smooth payment for the Child Benefit and Growth Package. The fund is available to every family and supports parents regarding administrative tasks and financial questions. To make the information on the KidsLife website more accessible and easier to digest, iO created a new information architecture.
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Make website information easier to access and digest.


Redesign the information, using the target audience’s personal situations as a baseline.

In need of a website redesign

Parents are busy people. If they’re not worrying about their children, they worry about the administrative and financial things that come with being a parent. KidsLife knows that, which is why it takes care of all formalities.

We’ve been KidsLife’s technical partner for years now and support the child benefit fund to help it continuously improve its service.

That’s why around the end of 2021, KidsLife asked iO to redesign its website. The child benefit fund wanted to give the brand more visual depth and make the information on the website easier to access and digest for the two main target audiences:

  • Parents looking for specific information on Child Benefit and the Growth Package

  • New parents and parents-to-be who don’t know what information to look for

Cluttered information and duplicate content

In the old website design, the layout was often too organisational. Also, some information, like info on child benefits, was categorised by fee and region, which lead to cluttered information and duplicate content.

Time for the iO team to roll up their sleeves, find the wood for the cluttered trees and give users a better overview of all the information and pages with a redesign.

KidsLife 2

Navigating: a piece of cake

To put KidsLife’s needs at the centre of it all, we deployed multiple service lines. This helped us approach the project from a wider angle instead of only relying on our technical expertise.

  • Our UX experts examined the user-friendliness of the KidsLife website to improve it as much as possible. After that, they created a new information architecture.

  • With the help of the ‘atomic design’ principle, our visual design team expanded the KidsLife brand. Every visual KidsLife expression is now anchored to a design system – a system that’s defined up to the smallest ‘atom’ (let’s say, a colour), which can be compiled to create molecules (like a button), organisms, templates, pages, etc.

  • The work of our visual design team was brought to life by our development team with Tailwind CSS (Utility/Atomic classes) and Alpine.js to create the interactive features. A perfect technique to use the atomic design’s full potential.

Our team effort was translated to the Drupal environment KidsLife already had. Because of this redesign, users now have a clear overview of all the available information and pages on the KidsLife website. They can access easy-to-digest pages per fee/milestone with more in-depth information per case study. All the duplicate content has been removed. Navigating the website is now a piece of cake.

"We’re incredibly grateful to iO and are very impressed with how much iO cares about our service. The project team really made an effort to become an expert in our field."

Broes Compernolle

Broes Compernolle, Marketing & Communication manager at KidsLife

There isn’t that much diversity when it comes to child benefit funds like KidsLife. All funds offer pretty much the same services.

However, the new information architecture is the first step for KidsLife to set itself apart from the competition in the industry. The new navigation feature ‘my situation’ allows KidsLife to answer to the situational needs of its target audience(s), guide parents through the offering and get them more involved.

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