How do you support employees in their professional and personal growth?

You never stop learning. That's something that top-of-the-line ingredient manufacturer Kemin knows all too well. That's why Kemin launched the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP). This is an employee development initiative, designed to support colleagues and partners in their personal and professional growth through a variety of training opportunities.

  • Custom learning programme

  • Using HubSpot's 'membership' module

  • Successful launch campaign

  • Strategy, technology, and marketing

  • Reporting and analytics

Introduction of e-learning at Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health

The program includes a range of educational options, including academy-specific training, online courses, and mentorship programs. The goal of the Lifelong Learning Program is to provide stakeholders with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their current roles and to prepare them for future opportunities. Kemin believes that investing in its partners through the LLP is key to building a strong and successful network. 

As a lifelong marketing partner of Kemin, we're excited to support such initiatives. That’s why iO seized the opportunity to collaborate with Kemin to create and build the platform with both hands.

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Find an easy way to share knowledge and educate colleagues and partners


Use HubSpot as a membership and learning platform

About Kemin Industries

Kemin Industries is a family-owned-and-operated company founded in Des Moines, Iowa that aims to improve quality of life through science.

Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health, part of Kemin Industries, specializes in innovative nutritional solutions for livestock and poultry. Their focus is on improving animal health, nutrition, feed quality, and pathogen control, driven by increasing global protein demands. They offer a wide range of products tailored to different animal species, and provide extensive support services such as technical assistance, application solutions, and laboratory services. Kemin emphasizes sustainable practices and scientific innovation to respond to consumer trends, particularly in reducing antibiotic use in animal husbandry.


Existing HubSpot platform extended as membership environment

Kemin already uses HubSpot for its marketing automation, campaigns, and as a landing page builder. For the LLP, we needed a gated environment that could host the learning materials. Luckily, HubSpot offers a ‘membership’ module, which allows us to restrict access to content and require visitors to register for a membership or log in to access it. 

Here's how it works:

  • We created a registration form using HubSpot's form builder and embedded it on the public page of the portal;

  • The registration form required visitors to provide their name, email address, and other relevant information (e.g. company name);

  • Once a visitor submits the registration form, HubSpot automatically creates a contact record for that person in the CRM and adds them to a designated list for Kemin to follow up on;

  • Two Kemin employees receive a notification and can manually review the request;

  • The Kemin team can then grant access to the private content. They can also bulk upload new registrants to HubSpot;

  • The partners that are allowed to the portal are moved to a separate list. The accepted partners receive an automated registration mail where they can pick a password to access the LLP. The submissions that are denied receive a follow-up email with more information about this decision. They are guided back to the public pages and can contact customer service.

Kemin can track the behavior of registered users and use that data to personalise their marketing and sales efforts. The setup also includes reporting and analytics tools that allow them to track the effectiveness of their gated content and optimise their marketing efforts accordingly.


A successful launch of the Lifelong Learning Programme

Setting up the LLP was one part of the story, but we also wanted to create awareness for the platform. During the launch of the platform in 2021, we ran a dedicated campaign. 

We invited key stakeholders and prospects to our portal through email. With open rates ranging from 40% to a whopping 92%, this approach was an overwhelming success. Almost half of the audience that visited the public LLP website also used the registration form to sign up.

On Kemin’s website, we published an informational booklet with details on the program, including testimonials. This served as an always-on asset to use in our advertising campaigns. We also promoted the brochure directly on the website.

How can iO help you with your own e-learning journey?

E-learning is now an integral part of our society. From a digital academy that bears your name to train your employees to educational assignments for educational institutions, sector federations and trade unions, lifelong learning is the norm. Preferably digitally, with a learning process that every participant can follow at their own pace.

Worthwhile knowledge. We help you spread that knowledge efficiently and educationally.

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Kemin facilitates growth of employees and partners

Kemin's Lifelong Learning Program is a valuable initiative to support the personal and professional growth of their employees and partners. By using HubSpot's membership module, Kemin created a gated environment to host learning materials, allowing for a personalised experience.

The launch campaign was successful, with high open rates and registration numbers, demonstrating the program's appeal and the effectiveness of the promotional efforts.

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