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How do you introduce flexible, efficient mobility in an organised way?

For local governments, mobility is often a very important topic. But what can you do when the mobility landscape is fragmented and it’s no longer clear to your citizens which option works best for them? That's the key question for Hoppin, the new initiative of the Government of Flanders.

  • Tailor-made WordPress project 

  • Generating awareness and traffic 

  • Flexible mobility 

  • Organisation in full growth 

Hoppin and iO: a fruitful collaboration

To develop and launch the website, the Flemish Government came knocking on the doors of iO and Common Ground. Once the cooperation was established, the project got off to a smooth start - with regular status meetings and fixed contact persons to ensure everything proceeded as efficiently as possible.

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Hoppin is a new platform and has little awareness among Flemish people.


A new, custom-built WordPress website for Hoppin (including design, user testing, and maintenance)

About Hoppin

Hoppin is an initiative by the Flemish Government to promote flexible mobility. Different mobility solutions — train, tram, bikeshare, flex bus, carshare, and more — come together in streets across Flanders at so-called “Hoppin Points”.


Hoppin’s limited brand awareness

Hoppin was brought to life to clarify the different mobility solutions in Flanders. The biggest problem? Hoppin is a new initiative, so relatively few Flemish people find their way to the website — launched as a simple one-pager — and the app.

In the long term, Hoppin’s combi-mobility should get more people to use public transport — and rely less on their own car.

But what’s the best way to accomplish that shift?


The solution: a brand new website for Hoppin

To bring that story to people across Flanders, you need a clear online presence. And in Hoppin’s case, that’s an app and a website. That website is a task iO happily took on. 

Based on the client request and a preliminary phase with qualitative user testing, we developed a custom WordPress website. That website contains a number of specialised features, like a module that lets users find nearby Hoppin Points easily. All new Hoppin Points are immediately added to the website, so users always have access to the most up-to-date information. 

Another thing that was very important to Hoppin and the Government of Flanders is accessibility. Every ‘kind’ of visitor must be able to easily navigate the website. That’s why we paid close attention to screen readers, contrast ratios, and other relevant aspects. On the website, information about accessibility and parking options for wheelchair users is available for every Hoppin Point. 

“The partnership between Hoppin and iO was very smooth. The weekly status meetings made sure everyone was on the same wavelength and the iO experts could quickly get to work,” says Sancho Geentjens from Hoppin. 

The technical story 

Throughout this project, our experts used several platforms and tools to build the perfect solution for Hoppin. This is how we did it: 

  • WordPress: as a central CMS to host all content and as the foundation for our custom development; 

  • React.js: a custom module to optimally display Google Maps data and to expand flexibly in the future; 

  • API layer: to read out data from Hoppin Points and for smooth communication between the backend and frontend. 

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The future of Hoppin

As a brand and as an organisation, Hoppin is still in its infancy. Still, many Flemish citizens are already finding their way to the website, even without paid advertisements.

We intend to further expand the website in the coming months, among other things with an integrated ticketing system and a journey planner that helps users find the quickest way to get from point A to point B.

But the website is not the only thing that’s still on the schedule. The network of Hoppin Points also needs to grow rapidly. Over the next few years, Hoppin wants to install some 2000 Hoppin Points across Flanders — to bring flexible mobility as close to every Flemish citizen as possible.

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