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Some ingredients enjoy little visibility but are essential to the culinary professional. At Debic-FrieslandCampina, those ingredients are in good hands and iO is part of that too. We have created a campaign that links 15 emotions to their flavours and represents the conscience of the brand - thanks to storytelling, inspiration, positioning and content.
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Campaigns and brand positioning

We wrote a premium story together

Dairy Cooperative FrieslandCampina had long established B2B relationships with food service professionals, that included their target audience, caterers and bakers - tailored to Debic, their brand of high-quality dairy products. Debic was extremely ambitious and wanted to make significant strides into the European market, including the Netherlands.

The goal was to put Debic on the map as the perfect partner for food service professionals. We worked on every step towards this together. We positioned Debic as the premium brand for the professional, with the right positioning, storytelling and creative content.

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Skilled hands…

We literally rolled up our sleeves so that we could get to work to nurture the brand. The new, rebranded Debic packaging had to fit with its positioning as a premium brand, so we organised an international campaign.

We launched a new, hygienic and ergonomic bottle, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts: the cream, which is completely absorbed in the dishes. You taste it, but you don't see it. That is why it is better not to focus on selling dairy, but better to focus on the partnership. And to connect chefs and pastry chefs to your brand by showing that you recognise and understand their incredible commitment and skills, via a sophisticated social media campaign.

We launched with a heroic story set in the culinary arena where skilled hands chop, cut, knead and stir; day in, day out, to deliver the best possible product. In the retargeting phase, we loaded the Debic brand with emotion through storytelling content from well-known international chefs.

They brought the theme that we developed to life and gave humanity to the brand promise: Made for professional hands, which is now used internationally.

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… and delightful storytelling

We also developed several campaigns to support Debic's sustainable growth. This includes an umbrella campaign around an inspiring brand film, including a storyline that has been applied across various media resources: print, social and online media. In addition, a 1-on-1 approach with email marketing highlighted online masterclasses, an ambassador programme and various offline brochures.

Food professionals are passionate about making delicious dishes, but they also have businesses to run. The quality of the food has to be maintained. For bakers, butter is one of the most important ingredients for taste, colour, texture and smell.

Debic is the brand for professionals and helps pastry chefs to create quality dishes without compromise by really understanding their daily needs and challenges. Hence the reassuring promise: In good hands. Debic is a reliable partner and offers quality products, convenience and inspiration.

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“iO translated the brief into a strong theme that positions Debic internationally as a professional dairy brand that’s present at all points in the customer journey.”

A brand that deserves love

At iO we search for 'infinite opportunities' - infinite possibilities. Our innate curiosity, thinking in terms possibilities and offering and utilising opportunities we encounter in our work every day. Qualities we share with FrieslandCampina: this is how we grew in our role as a partners for more than 15 years, building the conscience of the brand

How? With targeted positioning, storytelling and creative content - as well as compelling brand stories and manuals, inspirational and storytelling content, campaigns, product introductions, magazines, specials, activation, lead generation and more.

Even today, technology never stands still, neither does FrieslandCampina. We are ready to write new chapters together.

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Also a permanent, creative partner for your brand?

Contact us at iO. Tell us your story, and see how and where our expertise chimes with your goals. You never know, this could be the start of another amazing collaboration.

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