How do you bring a law firm to its full potential online and offline?

Pragmatic, positive and to the point. Putting yourself in your clients' shoes and acting in their interests. That is the approach of both full-service law firm Lydian and iO. Needless to say we quickly got on the same wavelength when Lydian came to us for a digital transformation.
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The power of video and authenticity


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Making maximum use of digital opportunities

As a progressive law firm, Lydian was keen to establish a strong digital presence. The main goals of Lydian were to improve its own internal operations through digital channels and to better position itself online to gather more relevant leads.

In addition, Lydian also wanted to develop a creative concept to celebrate its 20th anniversary, as well as its ISO 27001 certification for information security.

With the digital transformation, we wanted to nestle Lydian in the consciousness of its (potential) customers and employees, as well as its networks. With the creative concept, we wanted to create something that would make all the people involved with Lydian proud of their contribution to the firm's 20 years of success.

A consistent and authentic rebranding

The first step in the digital transformation of Lydian was a rebranding. With this rebranding, the law firm wanted to create a modern and unique image that stands out from the often ‘stiff’ and ‘dusty’ styles that typify its sector.

That is why our designers translated Lydian’s ‘straight to the point’ identity to a new branding. This branding combines modernity with authenticity and served as the basis for all design work we did in the later phases. Examples of said design work were new print brochures and (digital) templates for internal documents. Furthermore, Lydian’s new branding also inspired the new Lydian website, which was also developed by us at iO.

A new Drupal-based website

The new Lydian website required more than just a facelift with a new look and feel. It had to become the new online home and service base of the law firm.

That is why we first tested Lydian's expectations against the possibilities of various website technologies. Together, we finally chose Drupal as the CMS for the new website. This is a flexible open-source solution that we moulded to Lydian's wishes and which the law firm can use to easily maintain its website itself.

Once we had determined the system, we pulled Lydian's 20 years of experience out of its briefcase and put it in a digital format. We created a content-driven website that does justice to the firm's law knowledge and advocacy skills. Online visitors immediately get an idea of what Lydian can help them with and who the people behind Lydian are through professional copywriting and photography.

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Employer branding with real stories

Finally, we also helped Lydian improve its employer branding.

We did this not by showing off how fantastic Lydian is and what kind of turnover the firm generates. Nor through classic testimonials that were stripped of all credibility. But with what then? Storytelling. Real stories with words and images. Real stories of the people who work at Lydian and who make Lydian work.

We let the people at Lydian talk about how their job allows them to be who they are. About how they bridge the gap between their personal drives and their professional challenges. And how work and private life reinforce each other. These are human stories propelled by passion. For the job. For life. For Lydian.

We translated this concept into 6 stories. 6 videos with also derivatives for social media, an animation video with a special 20-year logo and a making of.

The professional new look of the Lydian website is a powerful digital business card tailored to the law firm's international ambitions. Thanks to Lydian's targeted content, both the website and social media attract more visitors, resulting in more leads and more clients. The digital future of Lydian is looking bright..

In addition, the employer branding videos touched everyone who saw them. On the one hand, the videos strengthened the commitment of those who helped and still help write Lydian's story. On the other hand, Lydian was showered with fine reactions from its own network, but also from competitors. Those who saw the stories realised for a moment what they do it all for again.

“iO has a no-nonsense approach, just like us. They get straight to the point and listen to who we are, what we need and what is happening in our sector at all times. They think with us and look at what is realistic. If we have another crazy idea tomorrow, we’re definitely knocking on iO’s door again.”

Ready to take your business to the next level digitally? We are happy to help.

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