With Design directors Astrid Vanwolleghem and Benjamin Martijn iO fully invests in creativity

24 October 2022
The double acquisition of top-tier design directors is a clear boost for the creative power at Campus Antwerp.
Astrid Vanwolleghem & Benjamin Martijn

Antwerp, 25 October – iO rolls out the red carpet for top art director Astrid Vanwolleghem: she brings her 25 years of experience in brand & identity design and campaign creation to the iO table.  

“I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I had talked to some of the iO people I had worked with in the past, like-minded people with their hearts in the right place. Their vision and ideas about iO corresponded exactly with my image of iO: a young, ambitious and upright agency that does what it stands for.”

Art director Benjamin Martijn recently traded his freelance existence as a senior designer for a steady position at iO, Campus Antwerp. With 20-odd years of design experience for major accounts, he is the perfect design director for the Antwerp Campus.  

“Design isn’t just a layer of varnish you apply, it’s what shapes a product in such a way that it really works for the end user.”

For Wim De Laet, Content & Creation director for iO Campus Antwerp, this double acquisition of top-tier design directors sends out a clear signal:

“I am thrilled these two top talents chose for iO. With her long track record at creative agencies, Astrid brings a lot of experience to our campus. Together with Benjamin, she will ensure our relatively young design team takes a giant leap forward. We’re investing in creativity, to assure our future and the success of our clients.”