Dewaele feels at home at iO

24 November 2022
From a one-man real estate agency to the largest independent real estate family in Belgium: that’s Dewaele’s story in a nutshell. The real estate company continues to choose iO as its lead agency to market that story – from strategy to execution and follow-up.

Melting six brands together to create a strong mono-brand: where do you begin? And, more importantly: who do you call for help? That’s the question Dewaele was faced with in 2021. Dewaele consisted of five separate brands at the time, with 48 locations combined: Van der Build, Turner, De Syndic, De Patrimonie and Build&Boost.

One brand, with one strategic and creative partner

To have that evolution succeed, iO and Dewaele launched the real estate agency’s new DNA: “Your lifelong partner for housing and business” . With this new vision, a clear strategic trajectory and creative results, Dewaele want to become a strong, future-proof company that is there for the customer – from the first flat to student housing for the children and a second home on the coast. 

With iO as its lead agency, Dewaele chooses a partner that knows its history but has its gaze firmly set on the future.

“We’ve been working together for years to create social media content. Now that we’re looking to iO for other services, we can see the value of an agency that can support us from A to Z,” says Margaux Sabbe , Brand Marketer at Dewaele.

A recipe for a smooth collaboration, of which the results are noticeable both online and on the streets. 

About Dewaele

Dewaele has been a frontrunner in the Belgian real estate industry for 40 years. With extensive knowledge and experience in numerous niche industries, the company helps construct the future of real estate every day.

About iO

iO is a growing team of experts that provides end-to-end services for communication and digital transformation. Thinking big, with a local heart. With its expertise in strategy, creation and content, marketing, and technology, iO works with its clients to strengthen brands, improve digital systems, and inspire future-proof growth.

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