Integrated data flows for a strong digital ecosystem

Nothing is as important as a smooth experience – not just for your target audience, but also for you and your team. By bringing the right data flows together, your business intelligence and workflows will take some serious steps forward. Our custom web apps connect to platforms like ERP, PIM, DAM, CRM and more for better data management.

Why integration platforms are important

As a company, you always look for the most (cost-)efficient platforms and apps. An app with an integrated data layer that connects your systems, will help your entire operation move to the next level.

A strong, integrated application:

  • starts with micro-services architecture;

  • needs to be API based, so other platforms can be connected easily;

  • includes the right safety nets for unforeseen circumstances;

  • has a technology-independent data layer;

  • implements security by design so your data is always secure.

What do we do?

Our experts’ experience is the missing piece to your company’s puzzle. Our smart, user-friendly applications improve your business operations, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Looking for an efficient integration?

Our experts are itching to tackle your challenge with their knowledge and experience.


Why iO?

When you go for iO, you go for a real end-to-end partner. In other words: a partner with years of marketing, technology, strategy, and content experience.

Our experience helps us make a difference with 3D designs and configurators, but we also help you:

  • translate your brand story to captivating creative campaigns;

  • reach your target audiences on the right channels;

  • find the right balance between emotion and reason.

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