Data & CRM for qualified and relevant leads

How do you deal with data in the era of first-party data? You set up a flexible, scalable CRM tailored to the data you want to gather. But which knowledge and tools can help your marketers to convert prospects into customers through advertising, content, and data analytics?

Get more out of your marketing budget with a sustainable CRM

With CRM, you lay out the technical foundation for sales and marketing. It does that by linking the CRM technology to the right lead generation strategy and a built-in marketing approach. This also includes content that supports your marketing goals and data analytics that deliver relevant insights.

This approach will help you start an efficient dialog with your target audience — even if it’s meticulously segmented —and ensures that the users of your digital channels reach the next logical step.

When you use lead nurturing and lead scoring efficiently, you ensure optimal cooperation between marketing and sales. You generate detailed conversion data to accurately predict which profiles you expect to convert. If it’s used as a fully-fledged part of your CRM and data strategy, that's exactly what data can do for organizations.

Why iO?

At iO, you get a true end-to-end partner. That means that we do all your heavy lifting, from strategy to content and from technology to marketing.

Our experts aren’t just the best in their league at data management and CRM.

They also:

  • translate your brand story into catchy creative campaigns;

  • reach your target audiences through exactly the right channels;

  • find the right balance between emotion and reason.

Time to make the right decisions, driven by data?

Our experts are looking forward to helping you out with data and CRM issues.

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