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Innovate with 'digital learning' and 'blended learning'.

The way we learn and learn today cannot be compared to twenty or even ten years ago. Educational institutions, businesses and trade unions have adopted 'online learning' and 'blended learning', the combination of physical and digital learning. But how do you set up new learning trajectories and what are the pitfalls when you’re developing new teaching tools or platforms? Educational institutions are looking for experienced tech partners who bring rich content to life with 'online' and 'blended learning'. iO has built up extensive expertise through innovative projects and long-term collaborations with educational institutions.

For companies and trade unions, these trends offer many opportunities. Traditional studies and training are more of a starting point than an end in themselves, their strength lies in general education and the teaching of skills that prepare students for lifelong learning. Organisations should take the initiative to develop online education, with automatic certification, to take pressure off teaching staff and HR services to make more time for individual guidance or reflection. It’s no coincidence that internal online training courses are increasingly offered externally. Companies who regard 'online learning' and 'blended learning' not as a cost but as an investment, strengthen their reputations and take an easier lead within their sector.

Artificial intelligence makes everyone smarter

New technologies help students to expand their skills. Machine learning and big data make it possible to adjust the content and difficulty step by step for students, tailored to their progress and abilities, so you can motivate them better and work through difficult moments. There are no "good" or "bad" students with this approach. You take learning efficiency and satisfaction to a higher level for everyone.

Here's how to get students and teachers on your side:

Think about your target group
Where other companies develop products for defined target groups, educational publishers and developers must consider various 'stakeholders'. For (high) schools, the teacher is usually the 'customer' who will introduce a tool to students and has to be able to see the added value.

Go all out for activation
School-age people expect a seamless and vibrant experience from digital teaching materials. Studying should not be limited to reproducing knowledge but should activate. Those who are stimulated during the learning process also progress faster and have higher levels of satisfaction. Digital tools offer many more possibilities here than the classical methods. Interactive tests, images and illustrations, videos, 3D applications, virtual reality and augmented reality, apps, ... ensure that the material is not only remembered but also better understood.

Work tailored to the needs of teacher and/or student
The classic linear way of studying has given way to more flexible forms of learning. Learning at your own pace, according to your own possibilities and objectives – with digital tools that are easily integrated into the learning process. A Learning Management System (LMS) is essential. It helps you to offer centralised study materials and to set up interactive exercises. It also gives you more insight into the individual learning trajectories of all students and the way they learn so that you can organise their learning trajectories in the way that suits them best.

iO Amsterdam

Students want to...

Be part of a more dynamic and flexible society that has different requirements, they don’t just want to pass, they want to succeed at every stage of their lives.

How does iO work?

Few sectors are as diverse as education. Educational institutions, trade unions and companies work with a broad base of methodologies and practical experience. That is why iO acts primarily as a facilitator. We examine how we can assist you as an educational institution or company in optimising learning trajectories. Content is central to this. Our experts, developers and communication professionals create learning solutions that perfectly meet your objectives. This increases the efficiency of your education, whether you are active within (high) schools or want to make a difference with professional learning. We always think in terms of the function of your organisation and your objectives so that you can transform your organisation into a successful and future-oriented partner.

Want to work with iO?

Our experts are here to help you to provide more quality in education.

iO Herentals

4 pillars that every partner in education can build on.

1. Build on a strong Learning Management System (LMS)
This gives students more autonomy over their learning paths and gives you more insight into their results. Today there are several Learning Management Systems that you can easily integrate into your own learning platform.

2. Refine your learning materials and methods through analytics
The LMS dashboard shows you in detail how students learn. It gives you insight into both qualitative data and engagement levels so you can adjust the content where necessary and fine-tune it to individual needs.

3. Enrich your content
Multimedia is fundamentally different from paper teaching materials. Creating knowledge clips and interactive videos or animations requires expertise and dedication.

4. Focus on partnerships
The development of digital tools or 'blended learning' trajectories a lot of time and budget. Therefore, look for partners across your organisation: developers who collaborate with schools, companies that share their learning solutions with trade unions, governments that integrate new digital tools from private players into their learning platforms. Partnerships remove barriers and open doors.

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