Four years of GDPR: where do we stand today?

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Four years ago, GDPR turned our digital processes upside down like a battering ram. Both in our private lives and in our professional environments: our data was never better cared for, seemingly overnight. At the risk of enormous fines, that is. Today, no organisation can afford to disregard GDPR. How has it changed, today - four years later?

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Not only did the Data Protection Authority make some important recommendations based on GDPR legislation since then, various countries have seen major GDPR-related decisions that strongly affected the marketing world. From the impact of the 101 NOYB complaints starting to weigh in in 2022 to the Austrian ruling that Google Analytics was in breach of GDPR legislation and the EU-US Privacy Shield’s demise. GDPR never really left us.

In this whitepaper:

  • Four years since the arrival of GDPR legislation

  • Expensive marketing: the first fines

  • The ins and outs of data transfer issues

  • The modern public, aware of their rights

  • What does the future hold?

Data protection and privacy: criminally significant

The total number of cases received by the Data Protection Authority continues to rise. For example, in the first five months of 2022, eight cases already saw GBA rulings. The largest fine so far: 250,000 euros. As private individuals, we are starting to understand our rights and obligations better and better. Yet, it remains difficult to accurately predict the future of GDPR. Nevertheless, the shaky, shifting EU-US interests stand at the centre of it, from ruling to ruling, and for years to come.

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