Are you fed up with boring marketing too?

Our attention spans are shorter, we skip commercials, and we click from video to video all the time. When consumers are bombarded with an avalanche of content every day, how can your brand stand out? Ruth Nys explains how to do creative content marketing without falling into the same old boring marketing tactics trap.

Ruth Nys, Strategy Director Content

2023 is not just another year. In light of current economic and social developments, being smart and trying new things are the key differentiators for success. Managers in marketing, innovation, and digital domains now need to step up their game to achieve their goals for 2023.

The recently published 2023 Opportunity Report is packed with insights and advice to give your business the edge. This online session takes things even further.

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Ruth Nys
Ruth Nys
Strategy Director Content

For the past 25 years, Ruth Nys has been exploring the publishing and marketing industries inside and out - as a strategist, creative strategy director, editor-in-chief and publishing consultant. Determined to bring an end to boring marketing, she avidly advocates for high-quality content to engage audiences with and build brands on. After all, creativity is the cure for boredom.

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