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May 31, 2022, 13:30

At iO, we inspire companies and organisations that are struggling to define their role in the rapidly changing world. The Corporate Klooien event is our response to these struggles, because disruption is an essential part of innovation: learning, validating, experimenting and then using the experience to make the right choices. Central to disruption is that we gather, every six months, to disrupt a new theme, whether it’s a technological theme like AI or IOT or business themes like blurring domains or exploring new business models. Since these events are intended for the Netherlands’ leading companies and organisations, it is essential that the content comes from leading speakers in the field of innovation.

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Problems worth solving

More and more companies and organisations are rediscovering and redefining themselves. Along with focusing on their target group, they are also searching for their added value in society. During that search, it is important to look beyond the assets and value that you deliver as a company and consider which problem you’re actually solving for the target group. Identifying new business models is central to this.

How do you get to the heart of the problem? And what tools can you use to get to this essential core? During this edition of Corporate Klooien, we will discuss how to find, quantify and use these problems to strengthen your value proposition.

Prepare for a stimulating afternoon, with interesting speakers, knowledge exchange, inspiration and the chance to network with colleagues from impactful organisations like yours.


Danny Mekić
Keynote Speaker

Danny was last on our stage several years ago and since then has become an authority in the field of technology and new business models. He is one of the most requested speakers in the Netherlands. He regularly publishes in newspapers, including NRC Handelsblad and the Financial Times.

Kristel van Haaren

Kristel is responsible for strategy & business development at Heijmans. Here to tell us the story of Heijmans: Their transition from a traditional construction company to a data company with a focus on construction. What problems does Heijmans solve with its mission to be "the makers of a healthy living environment"?

Lonneke van der Horst
ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive has great ambitions in the field of innovation. They are experimenting and validating at a rapid pace with new propositions and products. Lonneke is marketing and strategy director at ALD and will share how she finds problems that are worth solving and how they translate into ALD's strategy.

Uilke Duinstra

Uilke started his career in the social domain and uses this knowledge every day at iO to help our clients understand and create value for their users. He will tell you how he collaborates with our clients to develop new operating concepts and propositions that make more sustainable and scalable relationships.

Anouschka Laheij

Anouschka has been on stage since 2007 as a much sought-after moderator, chair, and interviewer. Thanks to her background as a political scientist and psychologist, she knows how to combine her journalistic acumen with human insights. She has energy and vibrancy like no other.

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