October 13, 2023, 17:00 - 23:00

On Friday 13 October, iO will host the annual ADNIGHT event with the theme MAKING THE FUTURE. Immerse yourself in enlightening presentations, gather fresh insights, join discussions, and create cutting-edge AI-generated artworks with pioneering creators. 

This event has ended.

iO and ADNIGHT 2023

Join us at iO ADNIGHT 2023. Be at the vanguard of the AI-revolution.

Engage with GenAI, craft your own AI-generated, -animated, and -narrated AI-creation. ‘MAKING THE FUTURE’ at iO ADNIGHT 2023 – get hands-on and explore the transformative power of GenAI.

Do not miss iO ADNIGHT 2023

-       Transformative tech

-       Cutting edge insights  

-       Workshops & lightning talks

-       Amazing campus-vibe and atmosphere

-       Thrilling tunes

-       And of course, snacks & drinks

Join us at:

iO Campus Amsterdam
Spaklerweg 52
1114 AE Amsterdam

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