How to chart the marketing course using channel management

2 May 2023

To make your online business run smoothly, there are several aspects you can focus on. Your channel mix is one of those aspects. But how do you know if your mix is the right one? And do you stick to your initial choices or is it better to adjust your mix regularly? With channel management, you will find answers to these questions.

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What is channel management?

Channel management is the process of monitoring and adjusting your channel mix based on predefined goals. You manage all aspects—of each channel in your mix—that contribute to better results. 

On your channels, you can monitor and optimise your budget, ads and UX or CRO issues, among other things. Depending on your results, it is equally important to delete, replace or add channels—to improve one step at a time

3 steps to start with channel management

1. Start with a baseline measurement

Conduct audits and analyses to find quick wins and locate pressing matters. Use this information to draw up a roadmap and prioritise your next steps. 


2. Mix up the right channels

Now it is time to mix up the right channels. Note that you  should include prognoses on what you want to achieve for each channel per fiscal year. Use percentages to indicate the share of cost and share of turnover per channel. That way, it is easier to notice discrepancies and adjust accordingly. 

3. Draw up a clear roadmap

After measuring your baseline and setting up your channel mix, it is time to create a clear roadmap that prioritises the most important and pressing matters

How do you track your progress?

1. Create a dashboard

Use a real-time dashboard to track the progress of your efforts. By using the dashboard, you do not have to check your tools separately. 
We advise you to work with different levels. That way, you have a perfect mix of views and can easily spot when and where to take action. You can find an overview of the most suitable views in the dashboard in our whitepaper on channel management.

2. Start optimising and adjusting

If you followed all the previous steps, you have everything to start with channel management. At this time, it is important to make adjustments based on your predefined goals. This can be done on different levels:

  • Pre-click: How do you get the right people to your website?

  • Post-click: How do you make sure they convert?

  • Post-conversion: How do you follow up on your leads?

  • Post-sale: How do you make sure they come back?

3. The quarterly meeting

For channel management, it is important to look at the bigger picture. The moment to do so is the quarterly meeting: you can look back on the past 3 months and reevaluate your efforts. You could do so on a weekly or monthly basis as well, but chances are you won’t have enough data to base your decisions on.


Download our whitepaper on channel management

No matter how broad your channel mix is—whether it be a single website or multiple channels—channel management is important for you. After all, it improves your online business. 

Would you like to know more about channel management and how to get started? Eli Ivens, Head of Media Services on campus Herentals bundled all useful tips and examples in his whitepaper on channel management. 

Download the whitepaper

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