Your channel mix only has value if you manage it effectively

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To make your online business run smoothly, there are several aspects you can focus on. One of them is your channel mix. But how do you know if your mix is the right one? And do you stick to your initial choices or is it better to adjust your mix regularly? Channel management provides answers to these questions.

Channel management involves monitoring and adjusting the entire channel mix of your business or client based on predetermined goals. You work on all aspects that ensure better results, at every stage of the funnel.

Download the whitepaper

In this whitepaper you will find:

  • visual illustrations of a channel mix and a dashboard, among other things;

  • tips on the optimal set-up of a channel management dashboard;

  • examples of pre-click, post-click, post-conversion and post-sale optimisations;

  • two case studies with explanations.

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