LVB, your content marketing agency, is becoming iO.

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Club LVB is joining iO to give you the best support there is. You already knew us as the content marketing experts. But now, we can also help you with technology, strategy and so much more – as an end-to-end agency.

LVB and iO – creating fans for your brand

LVB is ambitious, and we’re not shy about it. We’re still the same content superstars, just as a part of iO – which is building the end-to-end agency of tomorrow.

“There’s no agency like iO when it comes to developing digital ecosystems for companies and helping brands grow sustainably. We believe that this is essential to the creation of brands that stay relevant.”

Aart Lensink | iO

Aart Lensink, Founder LVB

What this move from LVB to iO means for you

If Club LVB were a real person, it would now be a vibrant twenty-year-old. In other words, we’ve been around the marketing block a few times. At iO, we will be using those years of acquired expertise to mak (and keep) you happy.

Sounds great, right? But what’s in it for you? Well, you don’t need to worry about anything anymore. The iO experts for strategy, technology, marketing, content and creation love taking on challenges.

And you haven’t even heard the best part. Nothing changes for you. Our way of working, our vision and you contacts at LVB – all of them are exactly the same.

What does change, though, is our name. So don’t say LVB anymore, call us iO. (No worries, we will give you some time to get used to the new name.)

We are joining iO Campus Utrecht, and that means that we are leaving our office in Amersfoort.

How we make and keep you happy

Our services and customised solutions won’t allow your brand to sink into oblivion. On the contrary: we put your organisation where it belongs – centre stage.

Lift your digital presence to a new level

Right, so we’re joining iO. That stands for infinite opportunities – endless possibilities to make your brand even stronger, both on- and offline.

Explore new horizons

One team

  • Okay, we’re gaining a lot of colleagues overnight, but you can rest easy: we will always be near.

  • LVB is moving to Utrecht, but you can find iO experts in different campuses across the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond.

Club LVB people

Aart Lensink
Founder LVB

Coen Huibers
Partner LVB

Jean-Paul Absil
Co-owner LVB

Marieke Hogeterp
Operational director and co-owner LVB

Kom langs op een campus in jouw buurt