Forget Blue4You — we’re now called iO!


As a Drupal expert, Blue4You is already well-known among Belgian governmental and European institutions looking to improve their digital presence. Now, we’re taking our expertise to the next level by joining iO.

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You remain our top priority

Just because we’ve joined iO, doesn’t mean you stop being important to us. Tackling your professional challenges and advancing your brand is still our number one priority.

Explore new horizons

Blue4You and iO: giving your brand the royal treatment

You know Blue4You from our fully integrated communication campaigns. We will continue to create those, and our multilingual team will continue to strategise, design, build, and innovate. The only difference now is that we will be supported by our new colleagues at iO.

Blue4You and iO: always there for you

We’re not an agency that tells you what to do from our ivory tower — we find strength in working together to solve your brand’s challenges.

By joining iO, we now have access to hundreds of experts in marketing, technology, strategy, content, and creation. All the expertise you might need for your project, no matter how big or small — just one simple Slack message away.

You can rest easy, knowing that nothing changes for you. The expertise and service you’re used to are still there. We’re just giving you a little extra — you’ve earned it.

“It must be clear to governments and companies that if they think of Drupal as the solution, they are at the right address with us.”

Jean-David De Lathouwer | iO

Jean-David De Lathouwer & Nathalie Devaux, partners Blue4You

Our name is changing, but we’re staying close

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  • You’ll still find us and our new colleagues in the beating heart of Europe: Brussels.

  • Can’t make it to the Belgian capital? No worries — we’re also active in several other cities in Belgium, the Netherlands, and beyond. In other words: there’s always a campus near you.

Blu4You | iO
blue4you iO

The faces behind Blue4You

Jean-David De Lathouwer
Partner Blue4You

Nathalie Devaux
Partner & Founder Blue4You

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