How do you stay relevant in a rapidly digitising world?

There’s no such thing as an everlasting advertising strategy. On the contrary; a good advertising strategy moves with the ever-changing digital landscape. When JBC asked us to help them create an efficient always-on strategy for Google Ads, we knew that continuous testing and combining insights would be crucial.
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Creating an optimal advertising strategy in a rapidly digitising and competitive market.


Combining our knowledge of advertising platforms (eg. Google Ads and Criteo) with JBC’s insights.

Combined forces

Belgian fashion label JBC was looking for a strategic partner with loads of specific knowledge. A partner that could help it create a good advertising strategy and train its marketing team to efficiently manage said strategy in the long run. A partner that afterwards would still be available on a consultancy basis to provide ad hoc support during busy times.

Our team of advertising experts has extensive knowledge about platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Criteo and Bing. This makes iO the perfect partner to share valuable information with JBC and train the fashion label’s marketing team to optimally manage its accounts.

Facing the competition

In its extremely competitive industry, JBC has to compete with giants such as Zalando and Shein. Giants with massive budgets and a focus on low prizes, among other things. That’s why JBC deliberately focuses on other USPs (eg. sustainability) and unique collections (eg. its collection with Flemish celebrities Camille and Kim van Oncen).

JBC’s biggest challenge is to keep growing in a rapidly digitising world. Its fierce competitors (eg. international brands and marketplaces) add an extra layer of difficulty to that challenge. 
To make its brand stronger, JBC wanted to bring its online and brick-and-mortar shops closer together using sustainability as the focal point in the short and long run.

Optimising by combining insights

We work together with JBC on a consultancy basis to train the fashion labels’ marketing team as best as we can. For example, we recommend certain strategies and optimisations for the team to test and implement. 

We periodically combine insights from JBC’s advertising channels with certain analyses, like its offline sales analyses. On top of that, we compare insights across brands (JBC, CKS and Mayerline) to learn new things and find new opportunities. For example, if a certain targeting approach works well for one brand, it can be interesting to test that approach for another.

Some of last year’s results

Google Search non-branded:

  • Clicks +28%

  • CPC -23%

  • Revenue +34%

Criteo proved to be a great addition to the channel mix:

  • ROAS 2.10

  • High conversion rate of 1,65%

  • Traffic via Criteo spends more time on the website and has a lower bounce rate

* Uplift in percentages: 2022 vs 2021

Advise and challenge

Our experts not only advise JBC’s marketing team but also challenge it by closely examining its actions. This way, we can reach the target audience even better by communicating the right message on the right channel at the right time in the customer journey. 
By helping JBC use its advertising budget as efficiently as possible, we ultimately contribute to the fashion label realising its foremost objective: generate as much revenue as possible from its media spend.

Learn how to use your advertising budget as efficiently as possible

The digital landscape is ever-changing. Companies have to act and react quickly to keep their advertising strategies on point. Don’t get caught slacking: our experts will help you keep up the pace.