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How do you stay relevant as a fashion chain in a rapidly digitising world?

The perfect online advertising and communication strategy? That's not set in stone. So when JBC approached us asking for a smart advertising strategy and support with live shopping and SEO, we quickly knew that constant testing and combining insights would become crucial. 

  • Blended collaboration between JBC and iO 

  • Online advertising 

  • Live shopping 

  • SEO 

iO and JBC: joined forces

Belgian fashion chain JBC was looking for a strategic partner. That partner not only had to set up a smart advertising strategy, but also ensure that JBC's own team would eventually be able to manage that advertising in-house. Moreover, JBC also needed support in terms of SEO and live shopping. In other words: a task that was made for iO's blended teams.


Devising an optimal advertising and communication strategy in a rapidly digitising, competitive market.


Smart online advertising, custom live shopping, and strong SEO efforts.

JBC & iO

JBC is a Belgian apparel chain with fashion for the whole family. The chain is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and is committed to sustainable fashion at a fair price. Founded in 1975, JBC grew into a chain with more than 120 outlets and 1,600 employees.

Our teams have been providing support to JBC in various areas for years. But we do more than just advise.

We also always look at the marketing and communication efforts through our critical eyes. This way, we reach the target group in an even more effective way by sharing the right message, on the right channel, and at the right time.

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Facing the competition with smart advertising

As a player in a fiercely competitive market, JBC has to compete against giants like Zalando and Shein. That's why JBC consciously chooses to focus on other USPs (e.g. sustainability) or designs unique clothing lines (e.g. the collection with local stars Camille and Kim Van Oncen).

For JBC, the biggest challenge is to keep growing and competing in a world that is rapidly digitising. To impart as much knowledge as possible to their own teams, we work with JBC on a consultancy basis. We recommend certain strategies and optimisations to them, and their marketing team implements the adjustments.

We regularly combine our insights into their advertising channels with their analyses, e.g. of offline sales. We also blend insights from the different brands (JBC, CKS, and Mayerline) to help them learn from each other. For instance, it can be interesting to test one brand's way of targeting with another.

Some advertising results in 2022










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JBC Live Shopping: capitalising on online trends for a better market position

In working with JBC, our experts do not only focus on advertising. We also help the brand position itself in a highly competitive market by capitalising on promising trends. In the case of e-commerce: live shopping.

During a livestream, a host displays items of clothing, which you can immediately add to your shopping basket and order — without leaving the livestream.

We helped JBC set up livestreams with an easy and reliable platform and a tie-in to the shopping basket. This way, JBC doesn't have to worry about the technical aspects of live shopping.

The result: increased conversion, a wider audience to appeal to, new customers, and a strengthened position in the Belgian fashion industry.

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SEO as a foundation for online growth

And when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), our experts are also happy to help.

Keyword research, content audits, technical SEO, the creation of compelling content, constant optimisation, dashboarding - we covered it all.

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