How do you give healthcare professionals a shared purpose for care?

It is no secret that there are quite a few bottleneck jobs in the care sector. For GasthuisZusters Antwerpen (GZA), we developed a welcoming employer branding campaign that does not miss its mark — internally or externally.
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Helping the hospital group attract and retain talent


A welcoming employer branding campaign and a new corporate identity

GasthuisZusters Antwerpen (GZA) consists of three hospital campuses (Sint-Augustinus Wilrijk, Sint-Jozef Mortsel, Sint-Vincentius Antwerp) and eight assisted living facilities. The group employs almost 4,000 people in total. With an integrated employer branding campaign iO helps them with their recruitment communication (“Ook zin voor zorg?”) and internal communication (“Samen zin voor zorg!”).


A sense of care

A sense of care (“Zin voor zorg”) fits GZA's DNA perfectly. After all, the phrase refers to the warm human approach that defines GZA: Are you respectful, conscientious and cooperative? Then you speak the GZA language!

Recruitment communication

In your recruitment communication, you as an organisation are a demander on the labour market. That is why we asked the question “Do you also care?”. iO photographed 59 employees and noted a striking quote for each of them about working at GZA, clearly expressing their personal sense of care and thereby making the campaign more tangible. The recruitment campaign is effectively driven by 59 proud ambassadors of GasthuisZusters Antwerp.

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Internal communication

Internal communication mainly aims to motivate, validate, inform, unite and enthuse employees. Additionally, in the specific context of a hospital group, it also aims to sensitise patients and visitors. In this case, you are actually communicating internally to external parties. That’s why we chose “Samen zin voor zorg!” (“A shared sense of purpose”) as our internal slogan, with an exclamation mark.

Fun fact: the mirrors in the bathrooms of the hospital rooms were also stickered with the slogan, so that patients suddenly see themselves as part of the campaign.

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Everyone is an ambassador

The campaign was first launched internally, specifically at the staff party on Friday 25 January 2019, and has received great internal and external support. The portrait series is also updated regularly. It is important to note that not only medical staff are portrayed. Profiles like the handyman also form part of the portrait series. Because whatever someone's specific role is, everyone contributes their caring part.

A successful chain reaction

Although the original, modest aim was to get 10 ambassadors on board, the final response was 6 times more overwhelming. As many as 59 employees in the first wave signed up to contribute, not only as a GZA image but also as a driving force behind the communication.

And it wasn't only the nursing staff that was eager to join the campaign. IT and technical staff also felt drawn to put their expertise at the service of healthcare professionals and patients. It resulted in a comprehensive approach that was rewarded with compliments even from neighbouring hospitals. It was a huge success across the board.

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