How do you promote the local furniture industry with a creative spin?

Right in the middle of 2020 - during the Covid crisis - Fedustria and iO joined forces to create a successful campaign. Using the imagery of a talking home, the funky slogan “Geef meer driekleur aan je interieur!” (free translation: “Give your interior more colour!”), and the campaign website, the Belgian federation of textile, woodworking and furniture industry succeeded in highlighting the products and services of its members and industry peers.
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Fedustria, the Belgian federation of textile, woodworking and furniture industry


Capitalising on the interest in interior design and home decoration during the pandemic


A playful online and radio campaign generating traffic to the website

It would be an understatement to say that visiting a showroom to get inspiration for your own home decor was rather challenging during the lockdown. It goes without saying that Fedustria was well aware of the issue. Instead of sulking, the professional association teamed up with iO to create a playful campaign distributed online and broadcasted on the radio. By displaying the products and services of its members and industry peers on their website, Fedustria encouraged Belgian consumers to spend more time on decorating their own beautiful homes and gardens.

All eyes on you … r lovely house

As outside forces kept you inside, the insides of your own home were quite frankly forced upon you. Although not necessarily unpleasant to shift your focus to the interior of your home, the circumstances weren’t pleasant at all. In spite of that, the pandemic granted us plenty of time to reexamine our interior – with all of its strengths and flaws –and question certain home decor choices. And truthfully, we couldn’t really deny it anymore. Some parts of our home were in serious need of renovation. By living at home 24/7, we quickly recognised the importance of living in a comfortable space.

As travel seemed like a long lost dream and a fancy car lost its desirability during the pandemic, the need to invest in a cozy home arose. The cherry on top? The lockdown offered us a golden opportunity to shop locally.

“Fedustria was very pleased with the collaboration. The creativity and digital skills of iO ensured that this campaign received the necessary publicity.”

Katja De Vos

Katja De Vos, Communication Officer at Fedustria

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“Hi there! It’s me, your home”

Bearing this in mind, we came up with a playful concept: we portrayed a figurine in the shape of a house exclaiming that it did in fact deserve some upgrading, preferably with Belgian craftsmanship. By including the catchy slogan and providing the website link, we gave our campaign that extra splash of colour to draw consumers in.

To make this campaign as successful as possible, we combined online ads – such as website banners and social media posts – specifically catered to our target audience with more general radio advertising. Additionally, we provided POS material in the physical shops and showrooms, which was free – not unlike the website visibility. Our approach proved to be successful and we were once more reassured of the strength of combining online media and radio advertising.

And we are not the only ones over the moon about the campaign. Katja De Vos (communications officer at Fedustria) stated that “Fedustria was immensely pleased with the collaboration. The creativity and digital skills of iO gave this campaign the notability it deserved. Either way, home interior definitely increased in popularity during the pandemic. It’s hard to prove that this had something to do with the campaign, but it definitely played a role.”

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