KNMI partnering with iO

26 April 2022
​​Rotterdam, 26 April 2022 — Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and iO are entering a collaboration to manage, optimise and steer the continuous development of the digital platform and myKNMI.
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A multi-level collaboration that will run until (at least) 2024. On the one hand, iO and KNMI are building a future-proof customer portal that will make it easier for users to access accurate weather information and data. On the other hand, as a new partner, iO will contribute to brand and product engagement by making the continuing data-driven development of the organisation’s calling card.

Wesley Nuijens , project manager at KNMI in De Bilt:

“We are looking forward to committing to iO, a partner with impact. Together we make the digital touchpoints of the KNMI the places to share knowledge and data among users, supported by modern technology including an information function for weather warnings and seismic activities.”

Since its foundation in 1854, the KNMI has provided forecasts, warning society about impending weather, climate, and seismological events, thus reducing risks, and limiting damage and injury. Thanks to the high-quality knowledge base, technology, and extensive measurement network, KNMI makes an invaluable contribution to the safety, accessibility, quality of life and prosperity of the Netherlands.