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Are you a B2C company with a lot of contacts in your database and an active engagement-oriented marketing style? Or a B2B company trading in high-volume merchandise? Regardless of the way your business operates, Marigold Engage (formerly Selligent) Marketing Cloud is our solution of choice for advanced, omnichannel Marketing Automation.

There’s plenty to be said of Marigold Engage, with its open and flexible data modelling options, extensive personalisation possibilities and state-of-the-art AI capabilities. It makes Selligent the right marketing automation platform to take your brand to the next level. You’re in the right place to read all about why that is.

  • 20+ ongoing Marigold Engage projects

  • 20+ skilled Marigold Engage experts

  • 25+ Marigold Engage certifications

  • In-house Marigold Engage team

  • Marigold Engage Partner

  • Full-service support, including asset creation, strategy, integrations, ...

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How Marigold Engage assists your organisation in marketing automation

Major Marigold Engage functionalities include, among others:

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Marigold Engage Marketing Cloud – B2C prowess & B2B potential

Originally meant to serve B2C brands, Marigold Engage Marketing Cloud contemporary power lies in excelling in environments with a high contact count, high communication interactions and many automated customer journeys.

While Lead Gen capabilities are handled with the optional Site module, the base module comes with all our experts could ever need in terms of Engagement Marketing Automation.

“We can clearly state we consider iO as a major partner. Several individual partners, for many years, are now part of the iO group. Their combined experience in Marigold Engage and their constant focus on investing in knowledge makes them very valuable for us and our customers. With the constant evolution of iO in mind, they will become even more relevant. Not only in the type of services they deploy, the type of customers they can support but also the territory they can handle.”

Nicolas Van Vijnckt

Nicolas Van Vijnckt, Head of partnerships BeNeLux, DACH and Poland

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Marigold Engage

Marigold Engage is a marketing automation platform that helps you build relationships across channels in one platform. Start creating, testing, launching and optimising for the perfect funnel from your own hub.

Read our whitepaper about email deliverablity.
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The advantages of Marigold Engage

Marigold Engage is infinitely flexible. It adapts seamlessly to your organisation's needs and ensures valuable interactions. Discover all the benefits of a marketing automation platform like Marigold Engage:

Dynamic data

Bring together data from different sources, get a complete picture of your customer data, and make informed decisions at every scale with Marigold Engage.

AI-driven automation

With Cortex — the built-in AI layer in Marigold Engage Marketing Cloud — you have the power to boost conversions, visitor engagement, and customer relations in a few clicks.

Seamless omnichannel marketing

Unite all your campaign channels in one journey with Selligent. Combine email, web, social, print, and more — and reinforce your omnichannel strategy.

iO's Selligent expertise

20+ ongoing Marigold Engage projects

20+ skilled Marigold Engage experts

25+ Marigold Engage certifications

In-house Marigold Engage team

Marigold Engage Partner

Marketing automation specialist

Our Marigold Engage services

At iO, we pride ourselves to have the necessary resources to support our customers in all things Marigold Engage. Our consultants and developers are equipped to assist you in the following areas:

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