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If you want your e-commerce to be successful, you need to be where your customers are — today and tomorrow. However, running your own webshop, being present on marketplaces like Amazon and, and many other possibilities make it increasingly difficult to keep an overview.

  • Integrate with marketplaces

  • Strengthen your e-commerce offering

  • Automatic inventory updates

  • Increase your business intelligence

  • Communicate through APIs

What does iO do?

Our experts help you integrate existing platforms and help you grow digitally with custom development. Whichever solution suits you, we'll tackle your e-commerce challenges together. This is how we do it…

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The importance of integrated data streams

iO ensures that your inventory is automatically updated and that orders are automatically returned to your ERP or central e-commerce platform. Are you ready to take that giant leap in business intelligence and workflow?

Such an integrated data layer should be carefully considered:

  • An open, API-based system that other platforms can easily attach to is essential;

  • The necessary recovery mechanisms must be in place in case something goes wrong;

  • The data layer should be technology-independent — whatever tools and platforms you use;

  • Focus on security by design to keep your data safe from internal and external intruders.

Does this sound a bit intimidating? Don’t worry: our iO experts know how to get to grips with it. We'll help you make just the right choices.

Time to integrate your data streams?

Our experts will learn you how to let your existing platforms and APIs communicate — and show you how we build custom applications for each organization.


Why iO?

When you team up with iO, you can rely on the expertise of an end-to-end partner with years of experience. Our marketing, technology, strategy, and content experts help organizations like yours tackle their everyday challenges.

Not only do we create an integrated marketplace, we'll also help you:

  • automate time-consuming processes wherever possible;

  • set up creative campaigns that make your brand really stand out;

  • offer a consistent brand experience across online and offline channels;

  • develop a strong e-commerce strategy — both on your own platform and on external marketplaces.

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The importance of the right e-commerce platform

When you’re selling your products or services online, it’s vital to build your webshop on a platform that seamlessly fits the needs of your customers. You can rest assured: iO’s customized approach is scalable, affordable, and flexible. This will speed up your digital growth —even up to a 100% digital order intake in the long term.

When you optimize your e-commerce, your customers will be able to enjoy the same experience online as in the store — and you’ll be welcoming more happy shoppers.

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Why iO?

iO is an end-to-end partner in the broadest sense of the word. Our experts in marketing, technology, strategy, and content are here to guide ambitious organizations: from a new digital platform to strong activation, and from a highly relevant content strategy to jaw-dropping video campaigns.

This will not only help you pick the right e-commerce platform, but will also help you:

  • make strategic choices based on in-depth research;

  • create a digital brand experience that is fully aligned with your core values and corporate DNA;

  • stand out from the competition with eye-catching creative campaigns;

  • achieve digital success.

What’s your e-commerce challenge?

No matter how big or complex your issue is, our experts are here to help you.


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