Digitalise and grow with a strong platform strategy

As soon as everything is aligned, you’re ready to make an online impact. The right story, appealing content, good marketing, and a technologically well-developed platform. That last part requires thorough research and sound analysis, though.

The value of a well-thought-out platform strategy

Digitalisation projects can be complicated. That’s why you need to create a team of different parties from within your organisation. This collaboration will help you create value, either by developing new services or by combining existing services – at the intersection of technology, business and your target audience. During this process, our experts think of:

  • The business strategy of the platform: we determine the goal, audience, technical requirements and expected business impact of your platform.

  • Which architecture will do the job. Scalability starts with technique. Our experts will examine DXP, workflows, CRM, cloud-only and, if necessary, API-first & MACH.

  • The right platform choices: we figure out and explain to you how customisation, (multi-) cloud, PaaS or SaaS fit together.

  • “Endless scalability” is a myth, according to our experts. A good prediction of the number of users is at the foundation of your success.

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Clients that benefit from our expertise

Why should you rely on iO?

At iO, we all have the expertise to write a strong tech story – not for you, but with you. Our experts have an end-to-end approach: they use their in-depth experience in marketing, technology, strategy, and content to turn your challenges into a digital success story. This is how we can help you:

Ready for a strong technological approach?

Our experts are ready to support you with their experience in platform strategy and development.


An online platform is always a custom job, from strategy to development

The right platform for your organisation is more than just a technical story. Our experts will map out your wishes and needs, giving you advice on technology, applications, architecture and requirements. All while keeping a clear roadmap in mind.

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