Radio & television: classic, efficient and a part of your media mix

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Radio and television are timeless media outlets that offer a large reach. Radio and television ads can stimulate online search behaviour and help you reach more people than other media can.

Both types of ads are different in terms of cost, usage and reach, but just as efficient as other ‘traditional’ media. And on top these ads can be used on streaming services, podcasts, on-demand telly and other modern applications as well.

  • Experience with a broad range of brands

  • Ideal combination with online

  • Traditional yet highly efficient

  • Support from concept to production

  • In-house production studio

  • Blend of creative, audio and video teams.

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What do our experts do?

We’ve got a great deal of in-depth expertise at iO — and we’d also love to help you with radio and television advertising.

Got questions about radio and television ads? Let us know.

Recording a TV commercial

Why trust in radio and television ads?

Modern applications like cinema ads, video ads on YouTube and audio ads on Spotify. Because they’re efficient ad media within anyone’s reach, radio and television are great ways to boost your sales, drive more traffic to your website or shopping location and generate long-term brand awareness. They do that just as well as modern channels.

Every day, we all seem to be turning our backs on ‘traditional’ media – but is that the truth? Popular television shows are timeless. Whether your target audience watches De Slimste Mens Ter Wereld, Wie Is De Mol?, Studio Voetbal or The Masked Singer, radio and television can help you find your target audience by putting your messages before or after the shows that reach them. Especially television ads can really tap into all the watcher’s senses, considering they combine both the visual and auditive aspects.

At iO, you’ll find experts in technology, strategy, content and marketing – who combine their extensive knowledge and expertise to help you make the right moves in radio and television. Using the right insights, advice, content and data analyses.

An exquisite production in Italy for Elvea

Youtube thumbnail


We made a beautiful TV commercial with Elvea for the European market, from concept to production.

Lose yourself in the luscious beauty of the location.

Clients that love our radio & TV ads

Amnesty International
Brussels Airport

Radio and TV ads are useful for building brand awareness. They can also be interesting as part of an integrated marketing mix for organisations that want to generate more website traffic.

Sam De Win, Executive Creative Director

Recording a video with Fatma Taspinar in the iO studio

What does an organisation that uses radio & television get?

  • Radio and television are classic examples of above-the-line communication, which allows your brand to get your ads under your target audience’s noses quickly and effectively.

  • Omnichannel and 360° communication offer your brand the option to repurpose your audiovisual ads across different media, possibly with a few adjustments. For instance, shortened versions of television ads can be used on digital, and social media.

  • Our experts know the media landscape like the back of their hand and will help you make the right choices concerning channels and time frames. All with your target audiences and needs in mind.

  • The auditive and visual potential of radio and television advertising can be seamlessly integrated into the experience of the watcher or listener.

  • Radio and television advertising trust in the power of repetition, allowing your messages to stick.

Primagaz - energy for the future

Youtube thumbnail

Digital TV campaign

We created a series of 5 spots for a digital TV campaign with Primagaz.

They provide the energy, but it’s down to you to bring the atmosphere. Not for viewers with a sensitive disposition..:-)

Changing volume on car radio

Why iO?

When you go for iO, you go for an end-to-end partner. In other words: a partner with years of experience in marketing, technology, strategy and content. We don’t just wow our clients with radio and television advertising. We also help you:

  • Turn your brand story into captivating creative campaigns;

  • Reach your target audiences on the right channels;

  • Find the right balance between emotion and reason.

Radio advertising - turbo charging your success

How to reach a big audience with creativity and radio advertising.
Giving your online campaigns a smart boost.

Recording radio

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