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Find out how the retail sector is doing in terms of Local SEO

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For the 2023 Local SEO Benchmark, we analysed nearly 100,000 business locations in 36 cities in the Netherlands and Belgium, across 14 different industries. Curious about how the retail sector in the Netherlands and Belgium is doing in terms of Local SEO? Find out in our 2023 Local SEO Benchmark Report .

Some key conclusions of the 2023 Local SEO Benchmark Report:

  • More than half of all business locations surveyed have little or no optimisation

  • Only 26% of business locations have ever posted a Google Post

  • 88% of reviews with a mediocre score (less than 3 out of 5 stars), are not responded to.

  • You will find these and more striking conclusions in the Benchmark

Download the Local SEO Benchmark Report

Why this report? 

Did you know that there is still a lot to gain for Dutch and Belgian retail chains when it comes to Local SEO? Many companies miss out on optimisations that have a major impact on their visibility in Google and Google Maps. 

We analysed 97,474 company profiles in 14 industries, including dozens of major retail brands in the Netherlands and Belgium  

The 2023 Local SEO Benchmark report is out. Want to receive it? Request it now. This is the only Local SEO benchmark report for the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Local search is becoming increasingly important

More than 58% of all searches are done via mobile devices , and almost 30% of these searches are location-related .

According to data from Google, it appears that as many as 76% of users who search locally via their smartphones visit the physical location of the business within a day. Moreover, 28% of these local searches result in actual purchases .

Those who invest in local SEO and properly maintain their online reputation not only lay the foundation for continued success, but are also better prepared for the growing influence of A.I. on search results.

Some of the brands we analysed:

Colruyt - iO
coop - iO
De Mandemakers Groep

Access the report

The Local SEO Benchmark Report 2023 is available to business professionals with a valid business email address. We ask for your business email address to ensure the quality and relevance of our content and that our whitepapers and reports are used by the right target audience. We respect your privacy and will not share your e-mail address with third parties or use it for purposes other than providing access to the report.

If you do not have a business email address but are interested in the report, please contact us at [email address] for alternative access options.

About the authors

Robin van der Sar
Robin van der Sar
SEO consultant

Robin is local SEO lead at iO. His passion for local SEO started 10 years ago when he led local SEO projects for SMEs. Over the years, his focus changed from SMEs to retail chains with dozens to hundreds of business locations at home and abroad. What remained unchanged is his love for local SEO and his drive to achieve the best local SEO results for his clients.

Clarissa_Filius - iO
Clarissa Filius
Teamlead SEO

Clarissa Filius, an experienced Senior SEO specialist, is known for her expertise in Local SEO. She currently works as Team Lead SEO, CRO and Marketing Automation at iO. With an impressive career spanning 10+ years, Clarissa delivers results for global brands, making her a respected authority in the field.

Michel Kant
Michel Kant
Interim SEO & Data Nerd

Michel has been in the SEO profession for 14 years and works with agencies & enterprises such as iO, Staples, Rabobank, Ahold and the Pierce Group. In recent years he has focused on SEO data & automation. To this end, he founded Flipstream so that SEO teams can fully custom automate analyses and reports and integrate them with tools such as BigQuery, Power Bi & Looker Studio.

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