How to build an effective content marketing strategy

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Producing content is a tactic everyone seems to rely on these days. Many organisations are creating content today — they have blogs, are active on social media, and might even publish their own magazine. But the underlying, supporting strategy? Something you rarely come across.

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Creating and publishing content in the hope that it will be found and is in line with the needs of customers or prospects is not a strategy, it’s just wishful thinking. With a content marketing strategy, you discover what content best to create, set the right goals and measure the effictiveness of your content. How to make all of this happen, you will read in this whitepaper.

This whitepaper will teach you:

  • The (basic) principles of content marketing;

  • Which objectives you can link to content marketing;

  • The importance of thorough research;

  • How a content framework can strengthen your strategy;

  • The potential of Content-as-a-service.

Contentmarketing is no quick fix, but a long-term project

Brands that proactively look for ways to add value instil trust in their target audience - that's where content can help. A strong strategy, in line with your DNA, that puts your customer at the centre is crucial. Doing enough research to provide a solid customer journey that neatly ticks off the awareness phase, consideration phase and decision phase will prevent your content from missing its mark. Do you want to make sure you get it right? Simply call in iO's experts. With our holistic Content-as-a-Service (or CaaS) approach, we will bring your marketing to life and help your organisation grow.

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