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Trade unions play a crucial role when new technologies and trends emerge. But how do you ensure that your trade union keeps up with the expectations of your demanding customers, members, and users.

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For decades, how trade unions in various sectors operated remained virtually unchanged. They helped their members and recruited new members in the same way they always had.

But that is gradually changing. In recent years, more and more trade unions have adjusted their operating model — driven by social trends and digitisation.

This has presented them with a lot of opportunities to develop new services, reach future members in a different way, and expand their commitment to existing members.

In this industry paper, we tell you all about how trade unions can digitise smartly, with concrete tips and case stories.

In this industry paper, expect to find:

  • Member recruitment, a specialism in its own right

  • How you can get members on your side

  • 4 pillars that every trade union can build on

  • How iO can help you

  • An audit as the starting point for successful digital transformation

  • Case story: Fedustria

  • Case story: BIV

  • Case story: Voka

Our expertise with trade unions

Our experts have experience working with trade unions in various sectors. For example, we rolled up our sleeves for Fedustria, BIV, ACLVB, and Voka.

In this paper, we’ll take a deep dive into how we helped these organisations with their digital transformations.

Let's get started!

It’s time to take the leap and commit to digital transformation — with iO as your dedicated partner. Download our industry paper here.

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