Composable Commerce: hype or here to stay?


The world of online commerce is becoming increasingly complex. Businesses need to be able to create appropriate and unique customer journeys across multiple channels. But this is proving to be quite a challenge for those still using traditional commerce platforms. 

Luckily, the world of online commerce is also constantly developing. When new and greater challenges arise, fresh solutions are created. Solutions like composable commerce

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Using composable commerce means you can disconnect - both literally and figuratively - from the traditional all-in-one (monolith) system. Composable allows you to choose the components you want to use to build your platform. Components with specific functionalities. Components that you can combine to create the best solution for your business and user experience.

But composable commerce is not a silver bullet. It is a philosophy and evolution that you need to integrate into your business the right way. And that's exactly what this whitepaper can help you with.

In this whitepaper: 

  • What are the limitations of monolithic (all-in-one) commerce platforms?

  • What should you take into account when considering composable commerce?

  • How do you assess whether your business is ready for composable commerce?

  • What are the best ways to kick off your composable commerce journey?

Future proof your online commerce

Want to get the most out of your online commerce both now and in the future? Then your technical platform and business capabilities need to be on the same level. You need to have the right knowledge and profiles to get the most out of the right technology.

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