Rebranding showcase


A rebranding is a powerful tool to (re)showcase the mission, vision, and values of your brand. We translate the strengths of your brand into a clever brand strategy, an expressive tone of voice, and a recognisable visual identity.

Download the (Dutch) whitepaper

Discover how we approach rebranding at iO in this whitepaper.

In this whitepaper:

  • Rebranding Havep;

  • Rebranding GO!;

  • Rebranding KIDS;

  • Rebranding Azelis;

  • Rebranding Primagaz;

  • Branding Digital Scaler;

  • Rebranding Point Virgule;

  • Rebranding Knauf Insulation.

Rebranding: more than a fresh coat of paint

A rebranding is an opportunity to (re)launch or position your brand and create the right brand value for your customers, employees, leads, and other stakeholders.

Could your brand use a facelift? The experts in our in-house studio will be happy to help. Contact us.

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