A world of e-commerce inspiration during Webwinkel Vakdagen 2023

29 & 30 March 2023
Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, stand number 82
Free of charge

Whether you want to accelerate the growth of your business digitally in 2023, stay ahead in your industry, or are making plans to innovate your e-commerce landscape. Whatever your ambitions, the Webwinkel Vakdagen (Webshop Trade Days) has all the knowledge and inspiration you need. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our stand (number 82) on March 29 or 30. Come to our Lightning Talks, talk to our experts and learn more about the most important e-commerce trends.

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E-commerce trends

For example, would a Composable Commerce architecture suit my company? And if so: how do I select the best e-commerce tools and solutions for the e-commerce landscape? Or how can we position ourselves on marketplaces like bol.com and Amazon? And how can we boost our conversion with a data- and customer-driven approach?

To stay ahead in your industry, it is important that you stay up-to-date with relevant trends and developments so that you can make the right choices. That is why, during our Lightning Talks at the Webwinkel Vakdagen, we’ll give you the opportunity to ask our experts questions about much-discussed e-commerce trends. Think for example of Composable Commerce, Marketplaces, and conversion optimisation.

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Event program

Wednesday, March 29th

10.30 AM - Online personalisation providing a measurable 10% conversion boost for Verf.nl
by Sietske Vaessen - CRO Consultant

11.30 AM - Freedom in sales through composable commerce
by Bavo Janss - Software Architect

12.30 PM - Rise of the (Google) machines: boost keyword research with Machine Learning
by Lars van Tulden - Data & Intelligence Consultant

1.30 PM - Boost your sales through quality: award-winning affiliate marketing campaigns for Philips
by Tim van Hout - Affiliate Marketing team lead

2:30 PM - Marketplaces: valuable to any brand strategy
by Sandra van der Meijs – Marketplaces team lead

3.30 PM - 10 ways to convert using microcopy
by Nicki Sannen - Senior copywriter


Thursday, March 30th

10.30 AM - The risks - and success formula for - a successful webshop migration
by Bastian Schauer - Senior SEO Specialist

11.30 AM - Freedom in sales through composable commerce
by Bavo Janss - Software Architect

12.30 PM - Setting up a good e-commerce data strategy in a cookieless world
by Glenn Weuts - Head of Marketing Technology

1.30 PM – How to profit from Google Shopping using Google CSS Managed Service
by Tim van Hout - Teamlead Affiliate Marketing

2:30 PM – Get more out of your marketing budget with Marketing Mix Modelling
by Lars van Tulden – Data & Intelligence Consultant

3.30 PM – Google Maps: navigate (more) customers to your physical store and webshop
by Clarissa Filius – SEO team lead

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An e-commerce strategy that wins you customers

Many companies are dealing with more dynamic and complex issues. For example, this might be a broad and extensive range of products, diversity in customer groups or a B2B2C or D2C market approach. Often, this is combined with the desire to become more competitive in terms of experience, service, or advice and to innovate technologically in order to be ready for tomorrow’s customer demands and to achieve a significant improvement in turnover.

At iO, we understand this better than most. In a competitive field like e-commerce, you need to be on top of your game, and a strong e-commerce strategy is built on more than just an e-commerce platform, but also:

  • A clear e-commerce vision and validated digital strategy

  • The accurate design of the ideal customer journey with a smart, customer-driven marketing approach

  • Data-driven optimisation and innovation of the (technical) e-commerce landscape

A strong e-commerce strategy therefore depends on making a lot of choices. This, coupled with a well-designed brand and marketing strategy, is an essential part of a successful overall go-to market strategy. An end-to-end agency like iO helps companies in every phase. From strategy design to the translation to a successful customer journey, in content creation, marketing and e-commerce technology.

Your e-commerce questions

Got any questions or would you like to meet us? Then visit our stand (number 82) or contact us in advance via business@iodigital.com or +31 40 290 8979.

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