Front-end Frameworks Meetup

April 19, 2023, 16:00 - 19:00

What is going on with all these new frameworks like Astro, Qwik, RedwoodJS, and SolidJS? Find out at our front-end meetup!

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Learn more about modern front-end frameworks

Finally, it seemed like the JS framework wars came to an end — with React, Vue, and Angular being the most popular. Now that rendering UI is solved, open-source creators are tackling new challenges. Starting last year, we’ve seen some innovative concepts — like signals and reactivity — emerge. During this front-end meetup, we’ll take a look at these concepts with an open mind and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. The event includes talks about:

  • Astro;

  • Qwik;

  • SolidJS;

  • Remix;

  • RedwoodJS;

  • RSC.

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