Coven of Wisdom: JVM meetup

September 14, 2023 at 17:30 - 21:00
Free of charge

During the Coven of Wisdom's JVM meetup, a knowledge event for and by developers, you will be part of an informative presentation unveiling the newest functionalities in Java 21.

Interested? Register for the Coven of Wisdom's JVM meetup on Thursday 14 September at iO Campus Utrecht and secure one of the 75 spots.

JVM Meetup - iO Utrecht

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Mehmet Akif Tütüncü (Senior Software Engineer at iO) and Joris Kuipers (CTO at Trifork) will discuss native applications, improving developer experience, new features of Java 21.

Topics of this meetup
Improved Developer Experience with Java 21

Be part of an informative presentation unveiling the newest functionalities in Java 21.

Our focus will be on three groundbreaking upgrades: String Templates (String Interpolation) for streamlined string manipulation, Unnamed Classes/Methods to eliminate redundant code, and Pattern Matching for simplified conditional checks. Witness how these features empower developers to craft more expressive, concise, and maintainable code, leading to enhanced productivity and top-notch software quality. Don't miss out on this chance to explore the forefront of Java development!

Going native with Spring Boot 3

One of the main new features provided with the latest major releases of Spring Boot and the Spring Framework is support for native compilation with GraalVM. With this, we can build native executables that run directly on the OS, without a JVM. This results in very fast startup times and vastly reduced memory usage, opening up all sorts of new use cases for Java-based applications.

In this presentation, Joris will provide an overview of this new option through slides and demos so that you'll be ready to explore this further yourself to build command-line applications or services and functions that'll run in the cloud way more efficiently!

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Curious? Sign up via the registration form now to be sure of one of the 75 spots. Attendance is free and catering is taken care of, all free of charge. After registration, you will receive more information about the programme and practicalities. 

iO's Coven of Wisdom: The Netherlands' key tech community

With Coven of Wisdom, we want to encourage digital talents to look over the proverbial fence and share insights on other parts of the tech stack. All this happens in a very accessible, informal atmosphere, open to everyone. 

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