Corporate Klooien – Back to Tomorrow

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How can you equip your organisation for the future, despite the uncertainty of what lies ahead?

Within this edition of Corporate Klooien (“Corporate Tinkering”), we will delve into your ideal vision of the future, in order to identify innovation opportunities and make choices accordingly.

Corporate Klooien_31-5-2022
If you started all over again tomorrow... 

… would you end up where you are today? 

Using iO's own Corporate Alt Delete method, we investigate how your organisation can (continue to) deliver value, and what the right priorities are in your specific future scenario. 

Prepare yourself for an afternoon filled with captivating speakers, knowledge sharing, inspiration, and the opportunity to network with professionals from impactful organisations, in a well-catered setting. 


Steven van Belleghem – Keynote Speaker
A familiar face at the Corporate Klooien event and for good reason: with five international bestsellers to his name, Steven is an authority in the field of Customer Experience. 

Steven believes in the combination of common sense, new technologies, an empathetic human approach, playing the long game, and taking social responsibility to win the hearts and business of customers time and time again. 

Ellen Aartsen - KPN  
Ellen is the Manager of Innovation & Partnerships at KPN. She is responsible for the Corporate Strategy in both the B2B and B2C domains. With her team, Ellen aims to seize the right opportunities that digitalisation offers and create new platforms and revenue models. This way, KPN's customers are optimally served in their digital transition. 

Hein de Jonge - Air France-KLM   
Hein is the Head of AF/KL Digital Valuehub and, together with his team, is responsible for translating the company strategy into the digital strategy, and then further translating it into digital value creation and a roadmap. The focus is on creating a seamless digital experience to maximise both customer satisfaction and business value. 

Uilke Duinstra - iO  
Uilke began his career in the social domain and still applies this knowledge daily at iO to help our clients understand their users and create value for them. In this way, he collaborates with clients to create new service concepts and propositions that sustain and expand customer relationships for these companies. 

Gerrit Heijkoop  
Gerrit is a highly sought-after moderator and presenter, and it's not without reason. In addition to the energy he brings, just like in previous editions, Gerrit will use thought-provoking questions to engage the audience and speakers in deep reflection. 

Corporate Klooien

For years, iO has been organising its Corporate Klooien events. iO inspires large companies that grapple with their role in the rapidly changing world. Because tinkering is a necessity when it comes to innovation: learning, validating, and experimenting in order to make the right choices.

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