Why is Drupal a safe long-term choice?

19 February 2024

Are you looking for a CMS that is future-proof? Need a platform that can grow together with your organisation? Drupal is a good choice!


What is Drupal?

Discover Drupal 10, the latest innovation in the open source CMS landscape, launched in December 2022. As an evolution of Drupal 9 and the successor to Drupal 8, Drupal 10 elevates the experience for both developers and content managers to a new level. 

This version introduces enhanced performance, an advanced user-friendly interface, and new features, maintaining its position as a leading platform for digital experiences. Drupal 10 is crafted to meet the dynamic requirements of the modern web, focusing on flexibility, scalability, and intuitive content management. 

Drupal 10: Your Future-Proof Website Choice 


Experience the stability of Drupal 10, the newest and most sophisticated version of the popular CMS. As the sole fully supported version, Drupal 10 offers the reliability needed for your digital projects. 

Enhanced Performance 

Drupal 10 represents optimized performance. By eliminating redundant functionalities from previous versions, such as Drupal 8 and 9, your website enjoys faster loading times and a more efficient user experience. 

Improved Security 

Stay secure with Drupal 10. This CMS integrates the latest updates from essential third-party components, ensuring your site is safeguarded against the most recent online threats. 

Long-term Support 

Opting for Drupal 10 means choosing a CMS with a future. While older versions lose their support, Drupal 10 continues to benefit from active community support and regular security updates. 

Ready to elevate your website with Drupal 10? Don’t wait any longer and ensure a secure, fast, and future-proof online presence! Upgrade to Drupal 10 now. 

Discover Drupal 11: New era, new features

Following Drupal 10, Drupal 11 is set to impress. Scheduled for 2024, this new version promises a seamless upgrade with innovative improvements. 

Drupal 11 is more than an update; it's a leap forward. Expect enhancements in usability, performance, and flexibility. Drupal 11 is designed to meet the needs of the modern web, with powerful tools and features that deliver a rich digital experience for both developers and end-users. 

Prepare for the future with Drupal 11! 

Looking for more information on how to upgrade to Drupal 10 with ease?

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Drupal 9 | iO

Your Guide to Upgrading to Drupal 10 

It's not so difficult. Here's how you do it: 

Drupal 7 and 8 Users: With the end of support for Drupal 7 and 8, it's now time to upgrade to Drupal 9. This step is crucial to prepare yourself for Drupal 10, so you can benefit from improved security, performance, and the latest functionalities. 

Drupal 9 Users: Good news! If your website is already running on Drupal 9, you are well-positioned for a smooth transition to Drupal 10. Enjoy a seamless upgrade experience with access to new and improved capabilities. 

Ready for Drupal 10: With Drupal 10, you can build a modern, robust, and scalable website. If you have yet to upgrade, this is the perfect time to start with the most advanced Drupal CMS, equipped with the latest technologies and enhancements. 

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