Why HubSpot should be included in your advertising strategy

21 February 2022

Third-party cookies are disappearing, Facebook targeting options have all but vanished, and Facebook and LinkedIn Message ads are no longer available in Europe. In short, targeting and personally addressing your target group are becoming increasingly difficult. Companies will have to rely on first-party data and alternative targeting options. And HubSpot could play a big role in this.

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1. To collect data about your target audience

HubSpot is, first and foremost, a CRM platform, where you can easily import your contacts (and companies), add them manually or create new contacts automatically via forms and email subscriptions.

2. To simplify lead generation

Besides their CRM, HubSpot also offers a number of useful marketing tools, such as forms and landing pages to capture your B2C and B2B leads directly in HubSpot. In addition, the tool provides a sync with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google ads to easily bring in leads from lead form ads. This means you no longer need external tools (such as Zapier).

When using lead ads, people often forget to (automatically) send an email to confirm the form submission, possibly with a download link or the website. This is usually necessary for downloads, because you are not allowed to link PDFs directly to a lead ad. Such email automation is also easy to set up in HubSpot.

And with the CMS Hub, you can even build complete (campaign) websites. The fact that this can all be done within the same platform is their greatest strength.

3. To measure what happens after a conversion

All too often, advertising reports stop at the number of conversions/leads generated by a campaign and the quality of an advertising channel is judged on the cost per conversion/lead. But what if that lead doesn't become a customer? HubSpot is not only a CRM and Marketing tool, but also a useful Sales tool. On the one hand, you will be able to measure which conversions have become marketing qualified leads, if they meet a number of predefined criteria (e.g. meets the buyer persona and/or lead scoring based).

But on the other hand, you will also be able to measure how many of those MQLs became sales qualified leads and how many of those were ultimately won or lost opportunities. HubSpot not only shows you the cost per lead, but also the cost per MQL, the cost per SQL, and the cost per won opportunity/new customer. This can immediately produce different results in your reports and evaluation of your advertising channels.

4. To expand your (re)targeting capabilities

Nowadays, retargeting based on website visits has become much more difficult. People are more aware of their data and increasingly ask not to be tracked and/or do not accept the cookie wall.

Retargeting lists have therefore become a lot smaller for many companies. Alternatives such as retargeting based on video views and opened lead forms are increasingly being included in advertising strategies. But HubSpot offers an additional retargeting option, based on ad interaction. Those ad interactions are measured when your HubSpot contacts click on your ads or submit a form after responding to your ad.

5. To update your (re)targeting lists automatically

Finally, HubSpot is also a very interesting marketing automation tool. With these tools, people often think of automating their email marketing. But there are also interesting possibilities for advertising. If you have a HubSpot Marketing Professional or Enterprise account, you can automatically update your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google audience lists through workflows. For example, you can automatically remove opt-outs and lost opportunities from your contact targeting lists for Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads. You can even automatically add new contacts who came in via a whitepaper download, but who are not yet customers, to your (Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn) retargeting lists.

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Furthermore, HubSpot also has an 'ad sequence' option for Facebook ads, allowing you to automatically send your contacts through a funnel. For example, first, a video ad to get the contact's attention, then a link ad to a page with more information and finally a lead ad to leave their details and close the deal.

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So: are you searching for a tool to capture, manage, activate, follow up, measure, and retarget (advertising) leads, all in the same platform? Then HubSpot is definitely recommended.

Not sure if HubSpot is the right solution for you? Try out the free version of the popular CMS Hub.

Would you like more information about this? Be sure to download our free whitepaper or contact our HubSpot experts.

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