The ultimate customer experience with uMarketing Suite for Umbraco

8 August 2022

Umbraco is a user-friendly CMS with an exceptional focus on content management. Today's marketing demands more: we want to show individual users content that is precisely tailored to their specific context, needs, and moment in the customer journey.

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Personalisation based on profound insights

uMarketingsuite is the commercial module for Umbraco that brings the personal, offline brand experience online. The analytics environment of uMarketingsuite provides interesting insights into web statistics and target group segments. Data such as pages visited, interaction on campaigns, and preferences indicate which segment a user belongs to and which goals have been achieved. This allows you to better tune your content to the needs of your most important target groups, leading to higher conversions and customer satisfaction.

Accurate data collection

The main advantage of uMarketingsuite is that data is processed through Umbraco's own server instead of a script from a third-party application, such as Google Analytics, HubSpot or Google Optimize. This makes data collection less subject to blockages by cookie walls and therefore more accurate. The system ties the various visits together, giving you better insight into the customer journey.

A/B testing from various angles

With uMarketingsuite, editors can set up A/B tests and personalisations in no time at all. In addition to texts, titles, button texts, and photography, you can also make adjustments to styles, colours, and shapes in the frontend. With third-party tools, a user sees the main version of the page first and the adjusted version a split second later. This can make a page flash, jump, or give the impression that something is wrong. With uMarketingsuite, all personalised and/or test elements are loaded directly, resulting in a better experience.

The 7 pitfalls of personalisation

Personalisation is all about customising the user experience according to the user segment. But setting up a good personalisation strategy is not always straightforward. In this whitepaper, we show you 7 pitfalls of personalisation and how to avoid them.


Testing, segmenting, profiling, and personalising

Until recently, only an enterprise CMS platform offered the possibility of testing, segmenting, profiling, and personalising. Despite the fact that many organisations find these subjects important, it's not always necessary or cost-effective to choose such an extensive platform. With uMarketingsuite, Umbraco offers the perfect solution for organisations looking for a price-friendly CMS with a wide range of functionalities to take their marketing maturity to the next level.

iO is a uMarketingsuite partner

Being an Umbraco Gold Partner, we could not be more excited about this module. We're convinced that it will help you to create a powerful user experience. Since we work closely with the developers of uMarketingsuite, we see concepts of designs, architectures, and functionalities at an early stage, allowing us to prepare you as a customer for what is to come. We share our feedback with the developers, so we can directly influence the further development of features.

Do you want to personalise or test your website?

Together we will examine how uMarketingsuite fits in best with your organisation, think strategically with you, and translate that strategy into the right practical execution. This way we ensure proper implementation and help you grow together with uMarketingsuite.

Andy van de Sande | iO
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Andy van de Sande
CX Strategist - iO

Intrigued by modern digital service design, CX Strategist Andy has spent years at iO providing both colleagues and organisations with strategic insight into how business strategies go hand in hand with what end users really want. Andy was also Sitecore MVP Marketing Strategist from 2015 to 2018.

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