HubSpot announces new Sales Hub and CRM features at INBOUND 23

11 September 2023

Elevate your sales journey and maximise data efficiency with HubSpot's Sales Hub 2.0 and Smart CRM.


The iO team always looks forward to September because of the exciting events that take place, such as HubSpots annual INBOUND conference in Boston. It's a great opportunity to learn about new product releases, attend inspiring sessions and keynote talks about the CRM, and more. Eager to get the inside scoop on HubSpot’s announcements? Let’s explore them together! 

Smarter prospecting

In a world where sales engagement is declining and businesses are increasingly challenged to meet quotas, HubSpot is here to revolutionise your sales experience with its latest Sales Hub enhancements. By prioritising meaningful connections, personalised experiences, and data-driven insights, Sales Hub empowers sales teams to confidently navigate the ever-evolving sales landscape, while maximising efficiency and closing deals faster. 

Prospecting workspace

With the new Prospecting Workspace, sales representatives can efficiently manage their daily tasks, stay on track with their goals, and receive notifications for any urgent matters without having to switch between different applications. This workspace streamlines the sales process and ensures productivity. 

Seamless lead handoffs 

Empower your sales team to focus on their strengths, such as building relationships and boosting revenue. HubSpot now offers a 'Leads' object that's integrated into the Prospecting Workspace. This allows you to keep track of leads separately from contacts. 

With HubSpot Forms, you can now set conditional redirect rules to automatically qualify and route your leads to the right representative. This helps you automate your own qualification rules and customise the thank you message or URL. You can even guide a lead to directly book a meeting on a salesperson's calendar upon form submission. By focusing on the right prospects, you'll maximise conversions and create meaningful connections. 

Leads handoff

Scale your business with insight 

Paying attention to details and truly understanding your customers’ challenges is critical to successfully managing every deal in progress. With the new AI-powered tools, forecasting across pipelines, deal inspection view, and accuracy tracking, you'll gain a comprehensive view of each deal, uncover valuable insights, identify potential roadblocks, and tailor your approach accordingly. In addition, Customer Journey Analytics allows users to create journeys based on deals, so sales representatives can easily track the progression from prospecting to revenue and identify any missed steps or drop-offs. 

Want to get a better view of your sales teams’ efforts? The Prospect Activities Report gives sales managers insight into their teams' and reps' activities. By analysing the performance of various activities during the prospecting process, such as booking meetings, adding contacts to sequences, making calls, and completing tasks, you can assess the effectiveness of your sales processes, resource allocation, and team performance. 

Prospect Activities Reporting

A CRM that is truly 'smart' 

The first steps towards a Smart CRM system were taken earlier this year with the release of Content Assistant and ChatSpot. In addition to its sales features, HubSpot’s Smart CRM provides powerful customisation tools to shape your CRM experience. With CRM development tools, data components, action extensibility, and the CRM record page editor, you can build custom user experiences, visualise and analyse data, trigger actions, and tailor the CRM interface to match your business needs. Empower your teams to work more efficiently, keep them in the HubSpot ecosystem, and increase adoption across your organisation. HubSpot will give developers the tools to build custom UI features on top of the HubSpot CRM for full personalisation. 

Discover growth with HubSpot 

By prioritising meaningful connections, personalisation, and data-driven insights, the new Sales Hub and Smart CRM empower you to elevate your sales experience and maximise efficiency. Forge stronger connections, streamline your processes, and unlock the power of relevance in every interaction. Want to know how these new features can help you use HubSpot (more) efficiently? Feel free to contact our experts for more information. 

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