HubSpot releases free version of its CMS tools

14 June 2022

On June 15th 2022, HubSpot released a free version of their CMS Hub. This tool makes it possible for organisations to set up a basic website in HubSpot for free. The new website will be easy to manage and maintain, and users get access to HubSpot's free Sales, Marketing, and CRM tools. In other words: an all-in-one platform, to grow your business and create personalised omnichannel experiences.

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What will the free HubSpot CMS allow me to do?

HubSpot tools make creating, optimising, and publishing web pages easier than ever. What’s more, it allows you to incorporate your website into a full stack of tools that can help you grow your business through your website.

With the free version, you can build a website with up to 50 website pages, 1 blog, and 100 blog posts. You’ll be able to host this website on a custom domain. Of course, the free CMS Hub will still feature some HubSpot branding elements. Once you are ready to take your business to the next level, you can easily remove this branding by upgrading to the CMS Hub Starter.

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Who will benefit from the free HubSpot CMS?

The free HubSpot CMS is best for founders and marketeers who are looking to grow their careers, teams, and online business. The tool allows everyone to build their first website for their business, without too much financial risk.

But corporate websites are not the only thing that HubSpot CMS excels at. Microsites for campaigns, events, podcasts, job postings — whatever website you need, you can build it with Hub CMS.

At iO, we have a team of 50+ HubSpot-certified experts who work on large and slightly smaller projects every day. We have used HubSpot for brands such as Customs4Trade, Fiberklaar, Uitgeverij Zwijsen, and Blueriq, among others.

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What are the main advantages of HubSpot CMS?

Why should you choose HubSpot's CMS tools? What advantages does CMS Hub offer over existing free website builders such as WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace?

The biggest advantages of HubSpot CMS are:

  • Quickly and easily build a website and start generating leads from it;

  • Drive awareness for your business with a custom domain and free web hosting;

  • Easy drag and drop page editor and an extensive selection of themes;

  • Curated app marketplace with 1000+ integrations;

  • Added free tools (forms, live chat, kickback emails, and more) that allow you to focus on more critical tasks.

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And, of course, when your business is ready to take the next step, you can always upgrade for even more features and support.


With the launch of the free CMS Hub, HubSpot offers a full package to take your digital business to the next level without too much financial risk upfront. Still not convinced HubSpot CMS is the right choice for your business? We can give you 15 reasons why it might be.

Does your brand deserve the stage?

Has your brand a lot to offer and is it time the world notices it? At iO, we’re here to supply you with research, brand strategies, experience building and relationship engagement. Our experts will shine a light on your brand and yours truly.

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