Increase your digital impact with Conversion Rate Optimisation

2 February 2022

You need a digital platform that meets all the needs of your customers? When building it, don't rely too much on assumptions about how people will use it. Even though you’ve mapped the customer journey and you’ve got your buyer personas fully sketched out, it is possible that users respond to your platform quite differently than you had in mind. That’s why you should put your concept online at an early stage and start testing. Conversion Ratio Optimization (CRO) provides all the insights you need!

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Lars van Tulden, one of iO’s many CRO specialists, often observes that companies tend to put too much effort in the preliminary phase when building a new platform: “Companies spend a lot of money on it and when they go live, they immediately notice that users respond quite differently than expected. In these cases, the optimisation process starts too late. It doesn't have to be that way. I strongly recommend putting a platform live earlier. Your investment will be smaller and you can immediately assess how users react to the product. Do users go through the sales funnel as you have expected? Converting insights directly into concrete actions to improve your website is relatively new, but the digital impact is huge.”

More insights, more conversions

CRO is all about improving the conversion rate of your website or landing page. The aim is that more visitors actually do take the action for which a page is intended. That can be filling in a contact form or placing an order, for example. Generating extra traffic to your website via an expensive marketing campaign makes little sense if the landing page does not help visitors convert properly. CRO uses relevant visitor behavior data as a basis to improve your pages in order to achieve extra conversions. This has several advantages:

  • You get a better understanding of what visitors are doing on your website.

  • You learn where visitors drop out.

  • You get more conversions and ROI from the same number of visitors.

  • Your ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) increases, so your investments in marketing pay off better.

Generating extra traffic to your website via an expensive marketing campaign makes little sense if the landing page does not help visitors convert properly.

Increase your conversion rates

High time we let your platform perform better – together.

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A continuous flow of building and optimising

Would you like to increase sales in your online shop without spending more money on advertisements? Any need to increase the user-friendliness of your website? Do you want to find out what is bothering visitors on your website and get actionable advice? CRO is the answer to all these questions.

Lars van Tulden: “We want your platform to perform better every day. We do this by collecting data, analysing the data and then giving advice. I notice that the continual optimisation and the conversion of insights into actions is still often neglected, even though the impact is enormous. Find the biggest obstacles your users face and start optimising. Backed up by real data, you can zoom in better on your KPI’s and focus more on the end result. It’s a continuous process of thinking, building, testing and improving. And as long as the optimisation wheel keeps on running, you don’t have to spend that much time on it either. To cut a long story short: CRO allows you to be smarter with your time and money.”

“We are successful in CRO because there is a powerful connection between building and optimising”, continuous Lars van Tulden. “The same people are involved in the process of thinking, building and optimising. Our clients get a scrum team with strategists, designers, developers and CRO-specialists. They all understand the client’s business and needs very well.”

“We want your platform to perform better every day.”

A large toolbox

Now that we’ve outlined the 'why' of CRO, let us also just briefly touch on the 'how'. A CRO-specialist is equipped with quite a large toolbox. That toolbox contains funnel mapping (Where in the conversion funnel is room for improvement?) and UX audits (Are there enough CTA’s on every page? Are the forms easy to fill in?). But also tracking and feedback are part of that toolbox. Heat maps, for example, give a visual insight into where users click and don’t click and polls help us gather specific feedback from visitors. And then we haven’t mentioned AB testing and a performance dashboard yet … That would probably lead us too far in this generic blog, but at least we hope we made you aware of the added value of CRO in digital projects.

Lars van Tulden
About the author
Lars van Tulden
Data & Intelligence Consultant

For 6 years now, Lars has been mining the new gold that is data. Considering the power of data to improve digital products and solutions, he loves showing clients the true value of their own channels – through numbers and his own sheer curiosity.

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